The Susan Indie Connect Festival Organizing Committee operates a joint hall at G-Star from 17th to 20th.

The joint hall is located at the BEX CO 2 exhibition hall, and 40 indie games at home and abroad will participate. All indie game developers, including abroad, meet and communicate with visitors at the exhibition hall.


The event is based on the BTI test. Answer a simple problem related to the game and recommend the type of game that suits your taste. All participation works are classified according to the type, so visitors can easily find games that fit their tastes.

In addition, the game-specific keywords selected by the developers are expressed in each booth as a hashtag so that visitors who are new to the game can be identified at a glance.

In addition, dictionary and on-site events such as photo box and stamp rally will be held online and offline. John, an event mascot and virtual influencer who appeared at the BIC Festival site held in September, also visits G-Star.

SEO Taegu, chairman of the Susan Indie Connect Festival Organizing Committee, said, I think it is very meaningful to be able to provide exhibition opportunities for domestic and overseas excellent indie games through G-Star. We are preparing for a variety of projects to enjoy the charm of the charm.