One of the most anticipated games by Ubisoft fans is neither more nor less than Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time , which was announced in the year 2020 . And while it was originally launched in the 2021 , it seems that it had many development problems, so said postponement has been carried out on more than one occasion.

In a new publication on the official Ubisoft today, the Publisher made it clear that he has not canceled the game in any way. They still mentioned that they will cancel early orders and reimburse the money from customers. This could be interpreted as a bad signal but no, since they want to launch them once they have a definite departure date.

Many of you have been asking us about Prince of Persia: Sands of Time remake. We have created an article to help consolidate the answers in one place.

Thank you for your continuous love and enthusiasm for this title. It means the world to us!

It is worth mentioning that the company of France emphasized that only the first game is the one working, so the other titles of the trilogy of the sands have no plans to remake. To this is added that another of his studies are working in another restart of their classic franchises, Splinter Cell , so working in more titles will not be possible.

The statement has both its negative and positive elements, since it is confirmed that the game is still in development, so fans can relive the prince’s first adventure. However, its departure date is still uncertain, so it will touch a good time until you know more in the form of an official teaser.

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Editor’s note: Personally, it is one of the Ubisoft franchises that I like the most, so I wanted to have an output date. Hopefully in E3 2023 let’s know a little more about its development.