One of the companies that most commercial and promotional tweets is nintendo, which is premiering in recent months large video games of the company itself. However, the ads are going down in the coming months because the new rules could not completely convince the Japanese.

Something that is a fact is that Elon Musk recently bought Twitter and now directs the rules for the social media platform. After that change, numerous corporate entities and advertising companies have become cautious about the future of the platform. This would make not many are sure to give certain messages to people.

Interpublic Group is one of the largest advertising companies and has some important customers. IG He approached his partners to suggest a total freezing of ads until the situation can be better evaluated. And yes, Nintendo is one of the customers of IG .

IG suggested to its partners to postpone the ads. What he does not know is if Nintendo took this suggestion or not. And that means that in the next few days we would be seeing a decrease in advertising. Although on the other hand, it could be something that simply decided to ignore.

For now, this remains rumor.

Via: Nintendo

Editor’s note: For these moments the news will not be a surprise, after all things are not very well, because to being verified accounts they have lost their value due to the income implemented by Musk. That is added to the mass layoffs of many employees.