Enamor The Sub-Mariner makes his expected debut in the MCU as the main Black Panther antagonist: Wakanda Forever, but will we see it again? It is a well-known fact at this point that most MCU antagonists are one and are ready, but Enamor has a long and stratified story in Marvel Comics that dates back to 1939 and is an important player in events of events. That story and status have led many to believe that the antihero could join Thanos and Loki as one of the prominent villains of the MCU. Here is everything we know about If Enamor will be in future MCU deliveries.

Will Enamor return to the UCM?

Enamor will definitely return in future MCU facilities, we cannot say where exactly, but there are some possibilities. At the end of Wakanda Forever, the antagonist is defeated by Shari and accepts his offer of a peaceful alliance between Wakanda and Taliban.

Marvel is currently developing two programs derived from Black Panther Disney+; One will focus on Okay, while the other will focus on Wakanda’s internal politics and functioning. Since the two nations now have narrow links, it is possible that Enamor can make a small cameo in the Wakanda spin-off.

It has also been confirmed that Enamor is a mutant in the UCM. There are still no indications of when the X-Men will make their official debut in the UCM, but the presence of the mutants has been widely subject to teasing in recent deliveries. Marvel is introducing slowly but surely more mutants to the franchise, and Enamor is likely to have an important role to play in the future.

However, the most likely possibility is that Enamor crosses Marvel’s first family in the next reset of Fantastic Four in 2025.

Enamor’s story with The Fantastic Four

The counterpart of the Enamor comic has an intense rivalry with Reed Richards of The Fantastic Four that dates back to 1962 due to his romantic feelings for his wife, Sue Storm.

The Fantastic Four met Enamor for the first time after he launched an attack in the surface world. During his conflict, Enamor developed feelings for Sue and blackmail her to become his girlfriend. While Enamor’s feelings were not corresponded, dream developed a certain affection for the sub-mariner.

Enamor’s crush by Sue Storm has been a continuous source of tension between him and Reed. The story has been previously adapted in the animated series of the fantastic 4 of the nineties; It remains to be seen if the MCU takes its interpretation of Enamor in a similar direction.

While there are no details about Enoch Huerta contract or if he registered for more appearances, the actor confirmed with total film (through The Direct) his desire to repeat the role, saying:

I want to say, mythology around Enamor is huge. You can go crazy with all this cultural aspect, and you can create many things with Enamor, because they take a fantastic source of stories, mythology, religion and everything. So I hope you decide to move forward with the character, beyond their own story or whatever. _


Enoch Huerta through total film

That is all we know about if Enamor will appear in future MCU deliveries. Be sure to check DLPRIVATOSERVER to learn about our extensive Black Panther guides: Wakanda Forever.

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