The DMZ mode in Call of Duty allows players to explore the open world of Asmara and perform various missions on the map. While the contracts and the fractions missions are great for earning cash values, the final task that checks your survival and battle skills is to provide a case with weapons.


where to find a case with weapons in a demilitarized zone

In the DMZ match, only one case with a weapon appears. The area where it is located is marked on the tactical map of all players with a yellow portfolio icon, as shown in the image above. When you enter this dedicated zone, you will see that it is safer than other regions on the map. A soldiers are numerous, well armored and even armed with weapons like RPG-7.

How to win a Juggernaut in a demilitarized zone

In the center of the weapon box zone you will meet a Juggernaut. This AI is extremely strong, and it is very difficult to kill. Before using Juggernaut, it is best to first destroy all A fighters who are nearby or fall from helicopters. To kill the main boss, you need to remember one thing: do not let him see you longer than half a second. At the moment when he begins to shoot you from a minivan, you will be instantly killed.

The best way to fight with Juggernaut is to disperse and shoot him from all sides, of course, from shelter. If he shoots the first player in the team, the second and third players should shoot him from the back. In addition, use as many explosives as possible, such as Frag Grenade and Semtex. We managed to choose a grenade launcher from one of the dead A soldiers and shoot from a grenade launcher to Jagger.

How to successfully evacuate with a case with weapons in a demilitarized zone

As soon as you manage to kill the Juggernaut, spending all his ammunition, he will fall dead to the ground and leave several valuable items for your team. The most important subject will be the weapon case that you must add to your backpack. Now there is an even greater problem and the most difficult part of the attempt to this goal is to extract.

Now that you have collected the weapon case, your detachment will be marked on the map, and all real players in the game will be able to see you until you are evacuated. Therefore, do not lose time and head directly to the nearest Email point, preferably by car. Stay in the shelter until a life builder arrives, and fight off the enemy players and A soldiers. Eliminate successfully to get cool awards and a lot of XP.

awards for evacuation with a case with weapons in a demilitarized zone

You will receive a total of seven awards for the Exfiltration with the case with weapons in seven different matches:

  1. Drawing Caution Tape for RPK LEG
  2. Stick on the weapon Biological danger
  3. Skin for the helicopter Jungle incognito
  4. The amulet for weapons GAZ-GAZ-GAZ
  5. Criminal card Box with weapons
  6. The emblem Box with weapons
  7. The skin of the operator Biological danger for K├Ânig

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