Aka Games held a media meeting of the new mobile RPG ‘Guards Order’, which was developed and published by Road Complete in BEX CO today (18th). ‘Guards Order’ is a work that uses the hand of manual action with various combat systems such as brakes, hitting, and avoiding the dot know-how that the road complete is wiped with the previous work ‘Crusader Quest’. In addition, it supports scenarios that add to the immersion of snipers, escape, and puzzles in strategy play based on interaction between articles and map objects.

BAE Jong-un, Chung Tarrying, PD, and chief planning team leader of Road Complete, who presented this convenience to users and media at the G-Star demonstration, responded to the current development progress, launch schedule, and future plans of ‘Guards Order’, which is about to be released next year. Went.

■ Guards Order, mobile action of manual operation and immersion containing ‘touch’

Q. I’m curious about the differentiated points from my previous work

BAE Jong-un: If the hybrid of puzzles and action was the key, the Guards Order emphasized the action more.

Jung Tarrying: There was a vision to create an action RPG that gives great joy. Therefore, he raised his life as a Crusader Quest, and he was able to express detailed, large movements and abundant emotions. At the same time, I was able to make more demands about acting and bigger action, and I thought I could make a more fun game based on it.

Best: As you manipulate it yourself, it would be nice to have a game that is meaningful at the moment.

Q. What is the most important point when planning a cards order?

Best: I thought it was important to make the world of the game itself. I thought it was important to convey what the developer felt while playing, but I think it was a little insignificant.

Jung Tarrying: It is very important to manual operation. In fact, as the mobile game market developed, we didn’t have much. In exaggeration, I abandoned the bath and threw it away. The process of creating a cards order is a tough journey that comes with lost and left. I am really struggling for this, and the staff are working hard. I felt relieved because I felt it in a demonstration build.

Q. What did you want to show in G-Star Build? How does the demonstration build and play Build?

BAE Jong-un: The edge of the game is a lively 2D character, a battle with details, and three battles with hands. I wanted to put this in the demonstration build as much as possible. I thought it was important not only for G-Star, but to show the first part of the game.

Jung Tarrying: I wanted to see how to build a demonstration, but I wanted to see it as it was. I don’t cut the story in front of me, so it’s quite long to build a demonstration. Thank you for being a short user and a media review.

Q. I feel a manual operation, but users are already used too automatically. Is there an option for these users? What is the reason for emphasizing manual?

Best: As mentioned earlier, I emphasized the experience of the world of the game itself, but I wanted to play it myself. So he emphasized manual operation. On the one hand, the auxiliary system is also preparing.

Jung Tarrying: I hope that the 2D pixel character in the Guards Order will be loved. It is our mission that users must make them be willing to love them. So I chose to manipulate myself. I want to have a point of contact between the user and the character. As the mobile game market became the main, I thought the distance between the user and the character was far away. As a gamer, this distance was very unfortunate.

In this situation, I thought I had to narrow the distance between the character and the user and to keep it. If you put automatic operation, it will not be a unit. Can’t you love the unit? Automatic, direct operation is so important. I want to treat the character as a precious being with a story and travel together.

Q. It was fun to play manually with a demonstration build, but it was noticeable that the distance was automatically dashed to the right distance when attacking. The attack and replacement buttons were on the right, so I thought I could play with one hand without manipulating the mobile button. Is it intended to be able to battle one hand?

Best: There was some intention. Because it is mobile, I didn’t want to make it very heavy. When you want to be more sincerely, you can do it with both hands, but mobile is not a situation that cannot be done every time. Since it is such an environment, I set it to some extent so that I can enjoy it with one hand. But to core, you will still need two-handed manipulation.

Q. I made a console style worldview last year and the opening story, but I wanted to be suitable for solo play. I wonder how it will be released in the mobile market. In addition, the action of each character is excellent, but the technology linkage and related information descriptions seem to be a little insignificant.

Jung Tarrying: Basically, he aims to be a military drama that deals with the stories of many characters based on the main scenario, which shows the great historical flow of the worldview. In the process, I think there should be a witty story, which is important for it. Let’s start by revealing it right before the ride. So let’s short. Thinking so, let’s experience it through direct manipulation, this was the key.

In the midst of the collapse of the world, I would like to talk about the story that he did not lose his humor and laughter.

Best: Technology connection conditions are not explained in the G-Star Experience Build. In the game, various functions were summarized, and it was distributed to each character and linked to each other. In other words, it will be the core of the linkage system.

I wanted to showcase two types of business trips when replacing the character, and the exit skills used when replaced. Among them, the exit technology has not been explained yet, so I didn’t know it.

Q. I’m preparing for a global launch. Also, what is the market looking forward to Korea?

BAE Jong-un: First, we expect domestic users to respond the most, and 2D side skates and JRPG sensitivity are expected to work in global. North American users’ response to the video released in G-Star is also very vague.

Jung Tarrying: We are looking forward to Korea, as well as the United States and Japan. The 2D character of the Guards Order, the direct operation manual battle, and the in-depth story will be worked well in Japan, and I will try hard to enter the market.

Q. I thought it was amazing to be smoothly manipulated even though the game was actually mobile. Nevertheless, users will also require PC versions and pads. How are you preparing for that? Also, I know that the launch was announced in the third quarter of 2023. What about actual goals and future schedules?

Along Tarrying: It is being reviewed in an open state. It’s hard to say what you want to do because you are making a mobile version first. Pad support is already being. At first, there was no plan, but developers developed them to try their own pads. G-Star tried to run a demonstration by supporting pads, but if you show the pads in the place where you can see how the mobile operation, you didn’t install the pad.

BAE Jong-un: I asked about the schedule, but I wanted to introduce it faster than the third quarter, but it was a little late because I prepared to enjoy it smoothly. I will be able to release it within that time.

■ A lively character, details with details, hands, and… love and romance

Q. It was first unveiled at G-Star last year, one year after that. In what kind of development did you develop more?

Jung Tarrying: Is it a sense of touch when you caught a character for a year? I wanted to build a game that touches and feels, not a game that sees the Guards Order. The story is not only directly manipulated, but also the story is felt by feeling the touch of the character and the worldview.

Best: The battle was quickly caught. It was already made like a gum play action that used it. But when I tried to save the touch in the story, I couldn’t deliver it with a cut scene. It was just a feeling of seeing. While he should touch the battle, he said that the battle was directly manipulated and the story was not experienced. The result was good, so I focused on this and reinforced it.

Q. There was no answer to BM last year. How is it? I also wonder how we are preparing for global expansion and operation. In addition, the previous work is not the world destruction. What is the core message you want to convey inside?

Jung Tarrying: BM is not yet confirmed and is discussing with Aka Games. I think there’s any drawing or asking something like this, but it’s not completely excluded. It is being reviewed, but the users who are working hard to gain and grow their characters without excessive charges are devising them. It is still difficult to answer the operation related to the operation.

The best: The theme was the generation that we were in trend at the end of the century, and recently, such a world destruction scenario is not coming back, so it seems that we have come up with the theme.


Q. It was a good composition to feel the taste of defense in the battle. How to make it