Net marble announced on the 28th that it has published a 2022 ESG (ESG) report, which includes sustainable management strategy and ESG efforts and achievements, after 2021.

The report includes the company introduction, as well as ESG management from January to December 2021, key ESG issues, and sustainable management achievements (including partial parts of 2022 to provide timely information).

2022 Net marble ESG Report has been awarded for 7 consecutive years of global mobile publisher, ② strengthening communication with stakeholders in the era of new media, ③ Eco-friendly new building that is shining at the main award of the Korea Environmental Award, ④ Game Culture Experience Center and Game Academy Boot Camp It has five highlights, including social contribution, ⑤ strengthening ESG management behavior at the warrior level.

In particular, in this report, Net marble emphasized the eco-friendly management strategy. Under the goal of minimizing the environmental impact for the next generation, the company plans to focus on the three strategic tasks of strengthening climate change, reducing waste and expanding recycling, and expanding environmental management communication.

In fact, this report introduces Net marble’s eco-friendly management, such as the use of eco-friendly building materials and energy demand management of ‘G-Tower’, the creation of eco-friendly space for preserving biodiversity, greenhouse gas management system, and actual greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption. Done.

Won Youngest, CEO of Net marble ESG Management Committee, said, We have been trying to secure competitiveness of the game industry and become a trusted company from stakeholders in the midst of unstable management environments such as the Corona and the global economic crisis. We will do our best to take the responsibility and role of our companies to establish the system.

Meanwhile, Net marble established the ESG Management Committee in December last year and is strengthening ESG management. In July this year, Morgan Stanley’s global ESG evaluation agency Morgan Stanley Capital International (MSCI) acquired A-grade A grade in MSCI ESG evaluation. I have done it.