• Game Name: Black Clover Mobile: The Opening of Fate

  • Genre: Collected turn-based RPG

  • Overseas Service / Developer: Arena / Big Game Studio

  • Yo: ‘Black Clover Mobile’ is a collectable RPG based on a Japanese boy cartoon black clover.
    With the fun of collecting and nurturing the characters in the cartoon, you can feel the turn-based action of the brilliant direction.

The new game ‘Black Clover Mobile: The Opening of Fate’, which is being developed by Big Game Studio, has been overseas CBT for a week since the 24th.

The developer said that the main goal of the test is to check the service stability. Already two global Fits have already been held, so we have to quench before the official launch because we have caught some direction of content and service.

Unfortunately, this CBT was targeted overseas, so it was not recruited in Korea. Still, I applied for it. Luckily, I was able to play the game as a tester. I would like to briefly summarize the impressions of the Black Clover Mobile I felt while playing during the test.

Choir Jae-young, CEO of Big Game Studio, is a developer who was in charge of the development of ‘Seven Sins: Grand Cross’ in the previous Net marble. After leaving Net marble, he founded the big game studio and expressed his aspiration to shake the game board with an inspiring game with the animation-style game development know-how and a new sense. One of the works that melted Choir Jae-young’s ambitions is Black Clover Mobile.

The game is a collectable turn-based RPG based on the Japanese boy cartoon ‘Black Clover’, featuring high-quality cartoon rendering graphics and action production that utilizes the emotions of animation. It is designed to follow the original story as it is, and it is designed to feel the original fans as a game and the first user to feel the original.

The Black Clover Mobile, which I played directly, showed a texture on both sides of the story and the system so that I could enjoy the game without knowing the original.

First, the game follows the original story as mentioned earlier. The relationship between the protagonist Asia and the rival Juno, and the situation of Asia, which could not be born in the magic world, shows the animation cut scene, and explains from the bottom of the story.

Afterwards, I got a book and joined the Magic Knights. At this time, the contents of the game is held in turn every time the contents come out with the story in the game.

This content unlock method is already common in other games. If you loosen everything at once, you can feel complicated from the user’s point of view, so you can gradually provide content and get used to it.

The reason why the Black Clover Mobile felt a little more special was that it provided content with the original story. Due to the specificity of the game, content is sometimes provided without a topic.

On the other hand, the game was able to use the facility contents such as housing and hangout from the moment of joining the Magic Knights without such awkwardness.


In addition, when a new content appeared, the related character came out and explained kindly, so it was easy and comfortable for the player to accept new content. Due to the nature of the collectable RPG, the content is quite large, but I think that even if you are new to the game through the original, you have made a lot of effort to enjoy it.

Next, let’s look at the battle. Black Clover Mobile was designed to make a variety of strategies through four character combinations. As I mentioned in the previous interview that it would give you the fun and depth of the turn-based battle itself, a new attempt was seen in some parts.

Compared to Choir Jae-young’s previous work, Children Sins, the biggest difference is that the system such as card layout and combination disappears and adopted an intuitive appearance like a normal turn-based game.

The character now has one general technology and skill, and there is a special technology of special moves and passing. General skills can be used without limitations, skills are cooldown, and MANA resources are activated.

The sum of MANA is 10, the special killer consumes 10 and the acceptance period is 6. As the resource consumption is very large, it can cause tremendous damage to the enemy.

The special kill is a system that has already been in its predecessor. The difference is that, as mentioned earlier, you can use the card to use it simply in the situation if you have a resource.

The passer is a technology that two characters attack at the same time. In the pre-character selection window, the 1 and 2 are tied up in one pair of 1 and 2, and the pass will be used. Different characters had different passing skills, and the order of trigger depending on whether it was attack, rebuff, and character placement order.

For example, the passenger of the protagonist Asia can give a provocation if there is no provocation to attack the enemy with invincibility and stun if there is provocation. And Klaus Route can give a 50% chance of provocative to the enemy. If you use the passing period of the two, Asia can take a wide range of stuns if Runes’s provocation is eaten. Even if you can’t stun, Asia’s provocation is invincible, so you can make a safe turn.

In addition, the characters tied to close ties in the original were able to use a special success. It is called a passing pass, and when Asia and Juno are organized into the same group, the enemies of Juno’s whirlwind can be applied to the sword of Asia, and the powerful effects such as all attack critical hits, barriers and invincible effects can be applied at the same time. There is.

In other words, if the seventh crime has a proper strategy on both sides of the character combination and combat play, Black Clover Mobile thinks that the character combines more than combat. In a difficult map, manual play was definitely helpful, but it seemed that it was monotonous in terms of the strategic aspect of the turn-based game that there was no big problem even if it was automatically played.

Therefore, if you had a different fun with the old card system, the battle might be a bit disappointing. However, the effects of passing and killing are not simple and designed to provide greater effects in certain situations. It is a part that seems to improve the constitution to suit the characteristics of the collection type RPG that collects and nurtures various characters.

The character development and the contents were also huge. Character development is largely prepared, such as level, promotion, rating, talent, skill reinforcement, skill page awakening, and equipment growth. This is also unlocked little by little as the story progresses.

The content that will help you to cultivate also has a variety of experience dungeons, equipment dungeons, talent dungeons, skill reinforcement dungeons, and limited dungeons. Born SR and SSR characters can also increase the LR grade if they spend time and resources.

Repeated content except the main story supports repeat settings and three times, so you can continue to play if you are sufficiently behavior. The maximum of behavior is that I have a lot of content that I need to do whenever my account level goes up, so I felt a bit lacking.

The last is the summoning character. There are two ways to acquire a character from Black Clover Mobile. One is to have a must-have character in the story, and the other is to summon the characters by consuming the goods.

Although the store was not yet implemented, it was not possible to grasp the exact amount, but the 1,200 goods were consumed in 10 times. During the CBT period, I gave a lot of event goods, but I was able to supply it to some extent through various contents and achievements in the game.

There were four pickups, general, friendship and step-up summons. Step-up summoned was a way to accumulate stacks and finally get SSR characters depending on the number of summons.

All summons, except for friendship summons, has a ceiling called a bonus gauge, and if you fill 340 a total of 3 points per time, you can get an SSR grade with seasonal and skill pages. The bonus gay is applied individually for each summon.

The probability of SSR grade is 1.50%for pickup characters and 1.50%for the basic SSR grade. However, summoning included not only characters but also skill pages. The SSR rating probability of the skill page is 1.70%, which is higher than the character. I summoned about 120 times during the test, and I only got one SSR character. For reference, there are about four SSR skill pages.

Therefore, if you want to obtain a character through billing, you will need to buy a stack by step-up summons or purchase a season pass called Clover Season. Clover Pass’s paid product is the SSR character confirmed ticket.

However, this corresponds to the CBT build, so it can appear differently in the formal release version. Therefore, please look at this part for reference.

The CBT experience of the Black Clover Mobile was more fun than expected. The story line that made the original story and the content that followed it was well organized, and the character development and method was very systematic.

In the strategy of the battle, as mentioned earlier, it may be a shame, but I don’t think the dislike will be divided. In general, the familiar turn-based RPG adds the taste of the black clover to show the proper novelty.

Attempts to lower the barriers to entry into the game as a whole