In our berserker guide to God of War Ragnarök, you can find out:

  • Where you can find all berserk graves
  • Tips for every berserker fight

In the favor of a king worthy, Mimic asks you to kill twelve powerful berserk spirits. With our guide you will find all the ghosts and send them back to the underworld.

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friend the dealers

You will find Friends Gravestone in front of the huge gate east of the dwarf workshop. Part of the world snake is also in the immediate vicinity.

Friend teaches you the most standard attacks by the berserk in the fight. Every berserk has at least one special property, but most berserkers share at least a few attack patterns.

This berserk in wears a two-handed ax with which she performs many non-blockable attacks. So you should be practiced for this fight in the use of the alternative role. In her strongest attack, Friend holds her ax like a spear and storms forward. If you do not avoid immediately, it will catch you with this attack-even if there are several meters between you.

After you have defeated them, there is the first part of the berserk armament set-the berserker hip protection. If you want to know which armor sets that are in the game, look at our God-of-War-Ragnarök armor-cover guide.

Hard refill of the heartless

Hard refill’s gravestone is located on the square in front of the min vehicle lift at the foot of the mountain in Svartalfheim. This is where your first drive in the apple nucleus starts during the search for Tar at the beginning of the campaign.

Hard refill is armed with a huge sword and relies on fast melee attacks. You can parry these attacks-however, if you raise your sign too early or too late, Rates gets stumbling and harddrefill punishes you with several, difficult to escape blows.

The berserk will regularly use longer melee combos that break through your sign. He often also starts with jump attacks that you parried or who alternatively escape with the alternative role. You can easily stag the berserk if you parried his attacks or attack him as soon as he has ended an attack.

Brigade of the gruesome

This berserk is hidden in the tombstone on the Alberio Island. You can see the tombstone on the beach as soon as you put on the boat.

Brigade uses the power of lightning. In addition, it quickly changes its location through teleportation. Fast reaction is required in this fight. He will also be constantly bombarding you with flash projects.

If he shoots the flashes into the ground, you can block them with the sign-but he floats in the air and then shoots lightning projectile, your only option remains. You can stop some of his attacks with light and heavy rune attacks.

Hvitserkr of the bold

The Berserker Hvitserkr is located on the island with the pilgrim investment area in Anaheim.

Hvitserkr is literally a toxic contemporary-his attacks cause poison damage. He will also keep you under fire with poison projectile. However, what makes the fight really difficult are the nightmare and Seer warriors, which he conjures up continuously. Always take care of your opponents so that they do not surprise you from behind or the side in the fight against Hvitserkr.

By the way, your companions can harm the supporting opponents properly through arrow and rune accidents and sometimes even numb them. During this time you can focus on Hvitserkr and edit it with strong rune attacks.

Health the stubborn

This is the first berserker of level 7. You should prepare well before you go into the fight against Health. Your tombstone is located in front of the rock wall in the desert of the forbidden sands.

Health makes life difficult with two big clubs. Similar to Hard refill, it relies on long combo attacks that can break through your sign. She also masters a shock attack similar to Friend.

Your attacks pull you a lot of health, so you can see the game over screen after just a few strokes. Therefore, you should use the rage ability courage to heal yourself if it should catch you a few times.

slippage the cold & the sisters of Ill ska

The tombstone of this ghost trio can be found in the east of the wasteland of Álfheimr.

In this fight you have to deal with three berserkers at once. However, the two sisters share a health beam and are weaker overall than the main advisor Slippage. One of the sisters fights your companion, while Slippage and the second sister only focus on Rates. Slippage will be constantly on the pellet with quick but non-blockable melee combos-the sister, on the other hand, shoots you with projectiles.

Depending on which of the two sisters it is targeting you, this can either be fire or projectile. Unlike, for example, Hvitserkr, it makes a lot more sense in this fight to take care of the main threat to Slippage. It is so aggressive that it is hardly possible to defeat the sisters first.

If Slippage starts to the tornado attack, lifts the shield and blocks-but do not parry because you do not contain it, but give up your protection for a short time.

If only the sisters are left, focus on one of the two because both lose health, even if only one sister is damaged. Depending on which of the two you have chosen, you prefer to attack either with the Leviathan ax or the chaos blades. Meanwhile, keep an eye on the second sister so that she does not surprise you with a projectile.

Oakland the bearded

In the crater of Anaheim you will find the Stufe-8-advisor Oakland. His tombstone is located in the arena directly at the world gate in the southeast of the lowering.

This berserk is primarily characterized by the hardness of his attacks. From time to time he enchants himself with an element that you can only break through with the right weapon. Use the ax when he enchants with fire, the chaos blades when he uses ice cream and the drain spear if he wants to protect himself with the element stone.

Sometimes he conjures up an area attack that you can’t block. You recognize the attack based on the green pattern on the floor before it executes it. Only avoiding helps. Attack him when he has just finished an attack to numb him.

Boar the Wilde & Starter the annoying

This berserker duo has level 8. The tombstone is located in the Jasmina mining, in front of the entrance to the apple nucleus in Svartalfheim.

Unlike the fight against Slippage and the sisters, these are two full-fledged persons. However, they mainly rely on normal melee combos that you can block. During the fight they rotate again and again-only one of the two berserk attacks you.

As soon as one of the berserk has ended his attacks against you, he teleports away and the other berserk puts on the attack. Sometimes, however, the attacks overlap, which is why you shouldn’t lose sight of the second berserk.

Skjothendi the steadfast

You can only fight this Berliner after the end of the story. It is a step-8 boss. The tombstone stands on the round square in the fog fields of William. The skeleton of the huge cow is very close.

Skjothendi uses Frost against you. Each attack curses you with Bifröst-even if you parried or block the attacks. In this struggle, the essentials are evident.

The best tactic is an aggressive combat style, combined with evasive rollers. I attack Skjothendi from time to time, miss a few blows and then focus on switching again. Use the rage capacity anger or courage to clean you from the Frost.

King Rolf Khaki

Finally, King Rolf is on the collar. With level 9 he is the most powerful berserk and at the same time the strongest opponent throughout the game.


Rolf will require everything to you-he combines all previously defeated berserk in a single boss fight, masters all elements and will attack you accordingly with various elementary attacks. Among them are the elements of flash, poison, ice cream, fire and first.

Basically, you should only use your rage in this fight to counter-attacks or to heal first. In addition, he will often pass into non-blockable attacks. Rune attacks are suitable for interrupting Rolf’s attacks and briefly to stagger it. In these moments you should unpack Erato’s strongest melee attacks.

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