A huge danger when combating vampires in Skyrim are that you have a chance to become infected with vampires, but, fortunately, there are several ways to get rid of the vampire plague.

Skyrim-how to recover from vampires

There are many ways that players can get rid of vampire illness in Skyrim, the first of them is the use of a potion of treatment of the disease that can be found and bought in potion stores.

You can also create these potions using alchemy using the following resources.
Charged skin scumbag.
Hawk feathers.
Vampire dust.
Feathers of the Wesleyan Trachea.
Graze crab chitin.
You can also pray to the Are temple to save yourself from the disease, as well as ask Starr’s followers to cure you-these shrines can be found in the temples of most large cities in the game.
You can also find Standard’s followers in the Vigilant Hall.
However, these methods are effective only before you start a thirsty for a pelting, so if you have received a pop-up window about this, it is too late to use any of these drugs.
At this stage, you will need to find a certain quest and NPC, visiting the local tavern and using the previously heard any rumors?
Option with the innkeeper.
But before you can get this option, you need to make sure that you are at the fourth stage of vampires that you can get without feeding for four days.


At this moment, find the innkeeper and use the dialog option.
In the end, the innkeeper will inform you of a certain Falcon studying vampires in Moral.
After a conversation with the innkeeper, you will receive a quest called Sunrise at dawn, and you will need to go north to moral, and find a file in his house in the city.
When you talk to him, you will eventually need a black shower stone for the ritual of curing vampirism-you can get black shower stones from the following sources.
Buy from Falcon: Falcon has an inventory in an inventory, which you can buy from him for 1300 thousand.
Plunder: you can also extract black precious stones of shower from dungeons and from creatures such as necromancers, outcasts of heather hearts, warriors and giants.
Buy from Enter: Enter the collegium of Winter hold can also sometimes wear precious stones of black stone, which can be bought at the same price as the precious stones of Falcon.
After you get a gem, you will need to fill in the gem using a trap of the soul of spells, which can be bought from many magic sellers, including in the collegium of Winter hold.
You can also get a weapon enchanted by a spell, which is probably the easiest way to fill the gem.
Just take a weapon enchanted by a trap of the soul, and kill someone to fill the black gem.
As soon as you fill the gem, you will need to return to Falcon, who will explain that you will need to meet him outside the city at dawn.
At this moment, you will need to go to the place marked on your map in the morning at about 5 in the morning in the game.
Upon arrival, talk with Falcon;
After some dialogue, you and Falcon will conduct a ritual that will forever cure you of vampires.
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