Lee Jong-il, CEO of Begin, received the Presidential Citation in the Game Industry Development Division at the 2022 Korea Contents Awards.

On Wednesday, Wednesday, the 2022 Korea Content Grand Prize, held at CODEX, selected 36 people (guns) that led the development of the Korean content industry this year and awarded it.

At this awards ceremony, there are 21 people in 3 sectors, ▲ the development of the broadcasting video industry, ▲ the development of the game industry, and the works by sector.


Lee Jong-il, CEO of Hawaii, developed and serves various games, starting with ‘Home Rash’ since the company’s founding in 2017, and was selected as a representative of the game industry development category.

In particular, the mobile casual social network game ‘Play Together’ recorded more than 160 million downloads worldwide, showing off its presence in the floods of numerous meth bus games.

With the development of the service, the company’s size also grew up, and Begin, which was 50 in 2018, has 160 employees with the office building on the 38th and 39th floors of Inform D Cube City, and supports a happy life with the company’s growth with the company’s growth.
Various welfare systems, transparent stock options, and incentives are implemented.

On the other hand, stories about various games of Begin and Begin can be found on the official website.