The Last people Component 2 undoubtedly obtains a sequel.
The truth that a sequel appears has been likely.
We are dealing with such an effective franchise business that there is even an HBO series.
The tale for a Last people 3 has additionally been representing a while, Naughty Dog said that over a year back.
Yet it likewise stated that the game was not in development
That is exactly what has transformed according to a leak.

The Last people Component 3 is said to be currently in development.

What is truly particular until now?
In April 2021, The Last people Supervisor Neil Luckmann stated that there was already a tale overview for the third The Last people component.
With Each Other with Co-Writer Halley Gross, the basic structure had actually currently been produced.
In the very same breath it was stressed that the game has actually not yet been developed:
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This is what the brand-new leak says: Twitter user Viewer anon has actually received a tweet that The Last of Us Part 3 has the following game of Dr.
Luckmann (= Neil Luckmann) must be.
On top of that, it is also in manufacturing at the Naughty Pet developer workshop.
That would mean that the scenario would have transformed so that work with the sequel has now been started and also that it really comes.
This fits the statement with a number of titles that remain in Naughty Dog in the Aachen.
After the Last of United States Component 1 remake was released, the work on Thou 3 might have been recorded.
How major is that?
At least the leaker is classified by other media such as game rant as a really dependable source.
What is since he was already appropriate with other scoops.
He knew in advancement that Ashley Johnson symbolizes Anna from the video game in the series.
Below you can see the most recent trailer for the HBO movie:
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The multiplayer is main: Besides the leaks as well as rumors concerning a third The Last of US part, there is of course likewise the main statement on the multiplayer title.
It should end up being a standalone descendant as well as there is already a very first idea art photo.
What do you wish for from a third component?
What do you really feel like: on the multiplayer or a sequel?