League of Legends has a number of complicated mechanics, but certainly one of which can unite all the community’s hatred for Riot Games: healing.


This aspect of the game has been criticized by players, and it seems that the developer simply cannot balance him correctly, without leaving very strong specific champions.
To the surprise of virtually no one, the cure is very strong in MOB today and Riot is already aware of this problem.

More changes in healing come there…

In a Reddit post in which the community discussed the changes that will come with updates 12.23b and 13.1, Rioter Axes was asked about the state of healing in the game and promptly answered what everyone already knows, it is really too strong.
She is not in good condition, there is too much healing in the game. We are already working on painful wound items and probably will also make some changes in the cure values, replied the rioter.
Remember that besides Matrix and Yuri have dominated the Worlds 2022 with strong champions when it comes to cure, with the two most chosen characters in the World Championship, Riot invested an update and entire explanations for healing, the famous Patch 12.10,
also known with the durability patch.

In it, all healing and shield effects were reduced by 10%, in addition to painful wound values, they were reduced from 60% to 50% in closed items and from 40% to 30% in construction items.
According to Axes, Riot has plans to increase the percentage of painful wounds in building items, rather than increasing the statistics of the already complete items to make purchases more efficient.
Still, the developer is not absolutely sure of when this possible change will come to the game, although we are likely to see her early in season 13.