Latham players rejoice! The popular Viking-themed game has just received a Mist lands update with some great new features and adjustments. Get ready to explore the world of Latham with more powerful weapons and improved resources at your disposal!

The spot notes are divided into just two primary categories: one for the notable changes and another for general repairs, so they’re pretty easy to digest. You can find the spot keeps in mind in question listed below with the item changes listed towards the top and the fixes (including the optimizations) towards the bottom.

  • Mist lands armor and shield recipes rebalanced and durability increased
  • Personnel shave actually rebalanced recipes and stats
  • Ballista tweaks (Increased fire rate, sound effects added when shooting and forgetting targets, tweaked targeting behavior).
  • Ballista ammo recipes made cheaper.
  • Mist lands Candidate occasion tweaked (It will no longer activate in Meadows, Swamps, Mountains or Ocean. It will no longer spawn Applicant Soldiers and the amount of Seekers & Broods has actually been rebalanced).
  • Hunter AI fine-tunes (They must now circulate a bit and not be on the player constantly to give them some time to capture their breath).
  • Seeker Soldier and Gall spawn rate modified (Was spawning rather frequently earlier. It’s now much similar to Giant spawns in Black Forest).
  • Convenience from different carpets no longer stacks.
  • Gall will now just shoot 1 projectile at a time instead of 2.
  • Hare running speed a little reduced.
  • Tetra bait uses Fearing prize instead of UV prize.
  • Fish in mountain caves will respawn correctly, and little additional lake added.
  • Tuna likewise constantly takes ocean bait given that it is in ocean.

When strolling left with hoe or hammer geared up, Stutter repair.


  • Fixed animation issues on double knives idle and block idle.
  • Fixed a lighting concern with fog in black forest.

  • Repaired an error while viewing a character in the main menu that has a fish in its inventory.
  • Fixed a concern that might cause the Mist lands employer to escape (Sorry, Your Grace).
  • Spawned skeletons will uncommon properly after rejoining a network video game.
  • Discover console command shows absolute position rather than balanced out.
  • Breeding hens no longer sound like boars.
  • Right effects will now be revealed when placing marble bench and table.
    When continuous music is turned off, Music will fade out correctly for dungeons and areas.
  • Some areas that had looping music will now just be played as soon as.
  • Numerous networking modifications to fix connection issues when using cross play.
  • Sounds, music, animations and textures have actually been optimized to conserve around 485 Mb of RAM and to reduce the download size of Latham by around 420 Mb.

Latham got another of its ongoing Mist lands updates this week with this newest one consisting of some handy adjustments for a number of various weapons and other resources in the game. Precise values weren’t shared, however we can see that a few changes are clear improvements for particular products such as increased sturdiness for Mist lands armors. This very same upgrade also decreased the general impact Latham will have on one’s system by optimizing different properties.

Fixes & Improvements.

Balancing & Tweaks