Dead Space Remake begins at the very beginning of the intuitive Dead Space franchise, in the same place where it all started, on board the Smo-emperor of the USG CHIMERA planet, where the first famous outbreak of mesomorphs initially began.
This RIMA of horror classics retains the feeling and charm of what has made the original Dead Space with such a hit, but in addition to the graphic shine, it has brought a couple of differences that distinguish them from each other.


This time, some levels and missions differ, for example, the process of repeated calibration of ADS guns in chapter 4 Inevitable destruction.

Uttering ADS guns in Dead Space Remake Chapter 4

Unlike the original Dead Space, where you needed to play at a simple mini-game to shoot at approaching asteroids with a stationary turret, in the Dead Space remake you will need to leave the interior of the ship and manually calibrate the ADS guns.
There are three ADS guns.
This is a mission for a while, and the case damage indicator will fall as soon as you start it.
As soon as he reaches zero, the game is over.
This mission is in vacuum and weightlessness, but it is quite linear.
As soon as you leave the gateway, the first ADS Cannon will be to the left of you.
Disconnect your magnetic boots and approach the yellow panel.
Activate it and begin to celebrate flying asteroids.
Disconnect your magnetic boots and go to the yellow panel.
Activate the yellow panel and begin to mark flying asteroids.
Direct the gun in the same way that you would aim your own weapon, or by pressing the L2 button on the PS5 button or a click by the right mouse button on your computer.
To shoot from a gun, click E on a PC or X on PS5.
Using this method, you must destroy ten asteroids around the Ads Cannon successful calibration.
As soon as you finish calibration of the first ADS gun, go forward, the second panel of the ADS gun will be to the right of you.
Repeat the process.

The third and last ADS Cannon panel will be on the left.
You will also find a level of a drilling set of level 3 next to the panel, so follow it.
Be careful as Mesomorph Lurkers will occur from time to time between cannon panels and shoot at you.
You will have O2 supply stations on the left and to the right of the corridor.
Use them when your oxygen ends.
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