To start the competitive scenario of Free Fire, Battle Royale the Arena, in 2023, the C.O.P.A. Tournament.
FF will start on Feuary 25 this year.
Twenty-four teams were invited to play the main prize of $70,000 and secure the first title of the new competitive season.
The teams, which will compete for survival in the Purgatory, Bermuda, Alpine and New Earth maps, will play eight rounds.
In addition to being considered a heating for the azilian League of Free Fire, C.O.P.A.
It starts to divide with the LBFF, from this year, the sponsorship of Banco Santander.
The matches will be oadcast on Saturdays and Sundays, from 13h (asília time), through the Arena official channels on Twitch, YouTube and TikTok platforms.
The tournament will take place between Feuary 25 and March 19, 2023, with the final falls being scheduled for March 25.
Even without publicizing which teams invited to this edition, Arena reported details about the format, distribution of points by fall and the total award for this first tournament;
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The tournament, which will have the starting 2023 theme, will have 4 matches divided into 6 days.
The twenty-four participating teams will be divided into 6 groups, and the twelve best will classify for the final stage.

Point Distribution

With each elimination, the player guarantees a point.
Check out the amount of points distributed for each placement:
São Paulo, January 26, 2023-Under the theme starting 2023, C.O.P.A.
FF opens the 2023 season of Free Fire’s competitive scenario.
From Feuary 25, fans will be able to follow exciting battles on Free Fire’s official YouTube channels, Twitch, and TikTok, every Saturday and Sundays at 1 pm until the final of the championship, scheduled for March 25.
In addition to the title of champion, the teams will compete in a total awards of 200 thousand reais, which will be divided into the top six.
The winner guarantees most of the prize, taking R $70,000.00 home.
The second place will have the amount of R $50,000.00, the third with R $40,000.00 and the rest of the prize will be divided as contained in the competition regulation.
A very well sponsored tournament
This year, C.O.P.A.
FF is sponsored by Santander, who is present in the daily life of Free Fire players and is also a master sponsor of the azilian League of Free Fire (LBFF) 2023.
In addition to the eSports bank, the competition will be sponsored by Kellogg’s®, which since last year has been a partner of Free Fire.
The partnership was made official with the launch of the Pringles® and Cheerio® product line specially created for the game’s fans.