If you are a fan of the games inspired by anime, then Roblox is the perfect place for you.
Not only is it full of titles inspired by manga, but there are also some really first-level experiences in which you can immerse yourself for many hours.


Case in question: Soul War is a fun fighting game that even has some RPG elements too.
For those who have arrived here, it is very likely they are looking for one thing: What are all Roblox Soul War codes in Roblox ??
Let’s enter the essential details, okay?

All Working Soul War codes in Roblox

These are all the active codes that you can exchange right now for free things in Soul War:
! Code 10 Dies!
-2 XP increases
! Random money code!
-10k in cash
! Code Crazy community!
-career repetition
! 4 kjugators code!
-career repetition
! Roblox’s servers code-career repetition
! We feel it!
-career repetition
! Codified Update2ExpBoost-2 XP increases
! Coded Racererollupdate1-career repetition
! Cashmoneyupdate1-10k in cash
! Codified Weresorryupdate1-15k yen
! Cash money Code23-1k Yen
! 3 kjugators code!
-2 hours 2x XP
! CODE RACEROLL12024444-Career repetition
! SPECIAL RECALL CODE-Special repetition
! Antic heat code-1k yen
! Sinful code-1k yen
! Yakuza code-1k yen
! Code 2konrelease-2 hours 2x XP
! Version Code2023-2 hours 2x XP
! Racerroll2 code-career repetition
! Special roll Code2-Special repetition
! Racer roll Code-career repetition

All Soul War codes expired in Roblox

These codes have expired and, as a result, they no longer work in Soul War:
! Code 2Mvisitas-5k yen
! Code 10kme likes-repetition of skill
! Update code1-3k yen
! Code 3mvisitas-2k yen
! Code 50kmomiembros-Cleaning of slots
! Code 1mvisitas-1 hour XP increase
! Free Elimination Code-named Characters
! Code Another Cleaning-Cracking Characters
! Code rich notes-5k yen
! Code wear-10k yen
! Free money code-1k yen
! NEW CODE-Skill repetition
! BOOST code-15 minutes of increased XP
! Code update 0-15 minutes of increased XP
! Ever richer code-5k yen
! Code thanks-5k yen

How to exchange codes in Roblox Soul War

Image source: The Roblox Corporation through
Like many of the other Roblox games, redeeming codes in Soul War is quite easy.
Just follow these steps:
First, Soul War starts in Roblox.
Next, in the upper left of the screen, touch the dialogue balloon (as highlighted in the image above).
Write a code of the previous work code list.
Be sure to write the code exactly how it appears on the list.
Press enter, and your new gifts will be yours.

So, that concludes things.
We hope this has helped shed some light on all Roblox Soul War codes in Roblox.
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