Aka Games (CEO CHO Kyuhyun) is masterpiece MMORPG’ Archie Age War ‘began pre-booking.
‘Archie Age War’, which is scheduled to be released in the first quarter of this year, is a PC/mobile cross-platform MMORPG, and is being developed by XL Games (representative Song Jae-young, Choir Kwan-ho), the producer of ‘Archie Age’.

In particular, it is characterized by a deeper war and combat element compared to the original ‘Archie Age’, and users can enjoy various combat contents such as field wars, siege warfare, and maritime exhibitions based on the vast land.

The brand page, which was released on the 11th, unveiled various information such as immersive worldviews, unique content, and in-game videos.
Among them, in-game videos that can check the main battle of ‘Archie Age War’ in advance are attracting users.

The released video boasts excellent graphics and heavy hits, and you can check the skill action using five kinds of weapons, including ‘two-handed sword’, ‘one-handed sword’, ‘bow’, ‘dagger’ and ‘cane’.
Depending on the weapon worn, the skills and attack range that users can speak are different, so there will be more colorful battles.

In particular, the battle of ‘Archie Age War’ shows a speed that is difficult to compare with the MMORPG released on the market, so you can enjoy refreshing action with any weapon.

First, in the battle using short-range weapons, it maximizes the characteristics of the prosecutor that inflicts strong damage to the enemy with exciting action using ‘two-handed sword’.
The warrior with ‘one-handed sword’ has a variety of utility, which is expected to have a high presence in hunting and PVP content.


The dagger, which is composed of a double sword, was drawn as a weapon that quickly approached the enemy and made a critical hit.

It is also possible to combat long-range combat using ‘bow’ and ‘cane’.

The archers with ‘bow’ are expected to show high efficiency in hunting content by shooting arrows at a distance and quickly overpowering the enemy.
Lastly, the wand of the wizard is a weapon that can use healing skills at the same time.

In addition, the official brand page of ‘Archie Age War’ was filled with information containing the characteristics of the game, including the ‘Sorry Open World’ video, major contents, and major characters.

An official of Aka Games said, We will continue to release content that contains the immersive worldview of ‘Archie Age War’ through the brand page.