Many Modern Warfare 2 gamers are anticipating further material.
Many veterans of the series believe that Modern Warfare 2 is among the least supported titles in current years, the maps, weapons and standard game modes are missing out on, apart from the numerous errors and UI/UX issues.
Some players began to complain much more when they learned more about this fact in the 2nd season of Modern Warfare 2.
On January 31, a user released a post on A Modern Warfare 2-Subreddit that it has received a great deal of attention from the community ever since.
According to the post office, the 2nd season of Modern Warfare 2 will just bring two brand-new cards for the basic multiplayer, which results in numerous grievances in the Reddit post that share their aversion to this brand-new details.


So far, the Reddit contribution has more than two thousand likes and numerous comments, a lot of which share their aversion that they have less content than they expected in the 2nd season of Modern Warfare.
Throughout the entire Reddit contribution, many users talked about how Modern Warfare 2 feels like the totally free version of War zone 2 and how better it would be if they ask for $70 for War zone 2 and the multiplayer video game modes from Modern Warfare 2 as Free
– TO title play, and regrettably many players believe the very same method.

The special remark that stated that the previous statement drew in some attention, and so far it has more than 2 thousand up votes.
This is not the very first time that Modern Warfare 2 gamers complain about the absence of material in the game, if you compare all content and updates, the War zone 2 typically gets.
Many players believe that War zone 2 takes the most focus and attention from the designers, since it is among the very best understood and most played titles due to his free-to-play and potential design.
When players compare what earlier titles had in their toolbox at that time, Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer feels abandoned.
Modern Warfare 2 was released without a basic Call of Task game modes and with loads of UI/ UX problems, apart from the lack of cards, and much did not alter when season 1 and season 1 were charged.
Because of its core multiplayer experience, it looks like the Call of Responsibility designers have a lot to do if they desire to please the audience that Modern Warfare 2 purchased.
Call of Responsibility Modern Warfare 2 is now offered for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series S | X.
– This article was upgraded on February 1, 2023