One of the most important programs of today is Saturday Night Live, which is presented by the NBC chain, and of course, stands out mainly for bringing the best guests of entertainment.
And now someone very special will arrive to talk about their most recent projects, and that person is the actor from Chile, Pedro Pascal.


This has been presented through an entertaining trailer in which we see Pascal travel the study where the program is recorded, the most sympathetic thing is to see a scene similar to the series of The Last of Us.
And it can be seen that threatens who seems to be a click, however, it is only someone of production who is using a costume.
The most curious thing is that Pascal will be the animator of the show on this occasion, but it is not ruled out that at some point he speaks of the program that is currently in broadcast by HBO Max.
The public also expects to obtain more information about The Mandalorian, Star Wars show that will premiere its third season in March.
Remember that the show will be broadcast on February 4 at NBC and also in the streaming service, Peacock.

Via: SNL
Editor’s note: Now that it is part of The Last of Us, Pedro Pascal has just raised his popularity to heaven.
And in fact, it is now for Marvel or DC to incorporate it into their heroes movies.