With the confirmation of the second season of The Last of Us, many cannot wait to see the events of Naughty Dog’s sequel on the small screen.
One of these people is Bella Ramsey, who plays Ellie in this adaptation.


In this way, the actress has revealed what excites her most, and worries, about the new chapters.
For all those who remember The Last of Us Part II, the story has a greater approach to Ellie, so Ramsey would have more material to work.
Although the actress revealed in the Podcast of Happy, SAD, confused that the sequel does not yet play, she mentioned that she has knowledge of the events that are carried out here.
Thus, she is excited to give life to the relationship between Ellie and Dina.

Along with this, he pointed out that the relationship between Ellie and Joel becomes more complex in the second season, and is also excited to participate in these scenes.
However, there is something specific that worries him.
Considering that Joel is not part of the second game beyond the first hours, Ramsey feels nervous to work without Pedro Pascal, who is responsible for giving life to the adoptive father of our protagonist.
While Joel’s presence is minimal in the sequel compared to the original game, we are also given the opportunity to see a little more about the relationship between these two characters through memories, something that will surely be replicated in the adaptation of
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Editor’s note:
Considering what happens to Joel at the beginning of The Last of Us Part II, it will not only be interesting to see how this event adapts to the series, but how the public will react to this event, as well as ABBY.
We just have to wait and see what will happen.