After numerous years there are many unsolved riddles and interesting mysteries in the history of World of Warcraft, which the players still employ.

This includes the whisper of the old gods in numerous circumstances and of course the latest things from the dungeon master, who at the end of Shadow lands alerted us of a fantastic danger.
According to Oval, this supreme evil will one day devour deep space if the cosmic powers stay divided.
What is the huge threat?
These and numerous other concerns stay unanswered for the time being.
Or not?
Steve Dan user is the narrative lead of Wow (buy now) and he wrote the huge part of WoW’s story in the past few years.
He is a huge fan of Marvel, and he mentions loving complex stories that are informed over an extended period of time.
Steve Dan user and WoW fan Hirumaredx talked a couple of days earlier in an interview about the Lore of Dragon Flight.
Hirumaredx likewise asks questions about the story of Battle for Zeroth, Shadow lands and Hearthstone.
Make certain to have an appearance at the video, there is a lot of brand-new exciting information about the Tradition from WoW!
You can find our summary later on.
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dungeon, n’both and nozdormu

The interview is rather long, so we selected a few highlights of WoW’s story for you.
The dungeon master is not the first WoW Bose weight that mentions the shared universes can not hold up against an excellent hazard.
In the past, some villains and heroes gave us indications of prospective hazards that threaten to devour the whole cosmos.
For instance, there would be Firm and Sarah in Earth Morris and even the old god n’both at the end of Battle for Zeroth.
It is no coincidence that numerous WoW figures, who seem to have absolutely nothing to do with each other, speak about this big threat in the game.
The frightening whisper of N’Both in Dragon flight is likewise no mishap.
Steve Dan user personally wrote the discussion with chrome throughout the quest.
Yes, the whisper can be translated in many methods and the gamers need to think and ask concerns about what N’Both’s words could mean.
There could be something on the fan theory that we talked about a couple of weeks.
The story with time travel and alternative timelines is the core of the story of Nozdormu and the bronze dragon swarm.
Both stories are intertwined.
Steve provides an example and speaks that Nozdormu perceives a particular point in time as fateful, while others view a particular event than among numerous choices.
These and other conflicts will play an important role in the future, and it is most likely that we will take new time travel adventures in Dragon Flight with Nozdormu.
The eternal swarm of dragon pursues a clear goal.
In the circulation of time, however, there are numerous ways and branches that even the eternal dragons can not see.
The decision regarding whether the designers inform the story in one or divide them depends on the story of the expansion.
Fight in front of Zeroth actually needed to start with two various stories, one for alliance and another for the horde.
In Dragon Flight, on the other hand, the dragons and the dragon islands are the focus, when the story of the factions only plays a secondary role.
According to Dan user, divided storytelling is connected with specific expenses.
Blizzard needs to divide the time and resources of the designers well.
Although the entire thing is quite pricey, the designers will tell 2 stories once again in the future if it fits well with the subject of the new expansion.
Margrave Nexus is still a mystery.
Tradition fans are sorry for that the necrology in Shadow land had no major function.
Steve only said that Nexus had actually fulfilled its purpose.
He was the embodiment of the perfect Malraux, so the dark powers killed the margrave.
Nexus had to die due to the fact that he still represented the old ideals of the shadow land.

  • In the interview there were some questions about Andrestrasz, the strange red kite who oversleeps AHN’ Iraq.
    His original story was lost with time.
    Nevertheless, this does not imply that he never comes back in World of Warcraft’s story.
  • Hearthstone heroes do not necessarily share the exact same story with their equivalents in Wow.
    Reno Jackson is not a dragon in WoW, but simply an adventurous individual who is moving around with the research league.


  • Steve finds the astral and their story quite cool.
    He thinks we will see more of them in WoW in the future.
  • On the topic of storytelling and decision-making for players in an MMO, Dan user just stated that this principle did not healthy WoW.
    The developers fear that some gamers will annoy if the neighborhood collaborates the course of the story, and they are overthrown by other gamers.
    However, he does not unconditionally eliminate that the and the group of authors will attempt it out one day.
    However, you will just do that if it fits the respective story.
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