It’s no secret that Fire Emblem: Engage is a difficult game, even compared to its predecessors.
Even if the game gives you a lot of opportunities for the development of your units, games on higher difficulties and in the classical mode forbidden Naomi is enough to upset some players.
Perhaps even upset enough to deceive.
But is it possible in Fire Emblem: Engage?

Can I use cheats in fire emblem engage?

If you play in a physical or digital copy of Fire Emblem: Engage on the Nintendo Switch not hacked, then no.

You cannot use cheats.
There are several cheats that you can use in the game (for example, changing dates and rebooting storage to create new skirmishes), but not one of them is so serious as to break the game in order to be considered legal cheating.
Only ROM versions of the game that play on an emulator or hacked Switch can be encoded using cheats.


The following are several examples:
Modifiers of damage
Unbearable Clear
Max Engage counter for all the time
Additional cash gain
Additional experience of the game
Endless objects
Bonus statistics
Again, this is not recommended to enjoy Fire Emblem: Engage.
The main story of the game is at least ideal for grind.
In fact, only clashes correspond to the collective level of your army.
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