The KOI and Fanatic season at the Winter Split of the renewed LEC is not being as expected.
Two of the structures called to be in the noble positions of this competition of EMEA de League of Legends are going through a hard bump of results and their pass to the best of three will be played on the last day.
Next, we tell you the options that these two teams have to pass.
Minimum one of the two will do it and the one that has the most complicated is Fanatic, which must win two games, although the great game between KOI and Astral is will be key.

Being a single round, the direct duel prevails, except the eighth square, in which a tiebreaker map will be played.

KOI depends on himself to win

Of the two, KOI is the easiest to pass it for it will have three different alternatives:
If they win, at least sevenths happen
If they lose and fanatic lose, they pass like eighths
If they lose and Fanatic wins, they will have to play tiebreaker.
The winner would pass, and the loser will stay out
To do this, it will have a code direct duel against Astral is (at 7:00 p.m. Spanish peninsular), which has found its performance in the invoked crack and is demonstrating a great level of play.
Without going any further, yesterday they won Fanatic solidly, complicating their existence.

Fanatic has to win two games

Fanatic only has one option to pass, which is this:
Win your game against SK Gaming and win the tiebreaker between the astralis-koi loser
Fanatic plays after this duel of the tents, so he would know who would be measured in case of winning the German structure.
Their party will be at 20:00 peninsular time and will depend on themselves also to pass.
If they do not win, they say goodbye in an unusual square of the organization and that will force the British to make changes.
The crack will issue a sentence, and from MGG we will tell you the highlight of the League of Legends competitive both in the studies of Berlin and in South Korea or China.