Do you have fun destroying things in Nuke Simulator?
It can be even more armed with lots of valuable resources through the use of Roblox codes, and it is free!
However, they never last long, so here is the last roblox nuke simulator codes.

All Nuke Simulator codes in Roblox

To date, these are the only active Roblox codes for Nuke Simulator:
Impulse: redeem all impulses (new)
Destroy2: redeem by 60k gems (new)
PINOCCHIO: Card for 100k Gems (new)
Moon boost: redeem for 20k Moon Coins
Foreigners: redeem for 80k gems
Downinohio: Card for 250k coins
A lot of damage: redeem for 5 damage increases
Destroy: redeem for 3 damage increases
Martians: redeem for 20k gems
Bet: I exchange this code by X3 Coin, Damage, Extra Luck and Crazy Luck Boosts
Emerita: exchange this code for 20,000 gems
Big boom: exchange this code for 250,000 coins
Ohio simulator: exchange this code for 30,000 gems
Lucky: I exchange this code by X3 Crazy Luck Boats
As usual, you must use these codes as soon as possible, taking into account that most Roblox codes will eventually expire and, in turn, lose their free rewards.

How to exchange Nuke Simulator codes in Roblox

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To win the free rewards listed above, these codes must be exchanged in the game.
Then, start Nuke simulator and follow these steps:
Open the store.
It is the icon of the basket on the right side, just below your coins.
At the bottom, click on the Twitter icon (it is a bird shape).
On the right side, towards the bottom, copy and paste one of the codes above, then select Confirm.
You don’t have to follow developers on Twitter (but it would be good).


  • Revenue!
    There they have it, friends: that’s all they need to know about all roblox nuke simulator codes and how to redeem them.
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