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The Biohazard film returns to CG with the story of the home.

Cap com announced on the official website on the 8th with the video of the 5th CG video title of the Biohazard Series, ‘Biohazard: Death Island’.

This work will be a story about Leon Kennedy and Chris Redfield’s events in the famous prison island Alcatraz.
The teaser trailer, which was released, included the main characters, Leon and Chris, and the zombies that eroded the correctional facilities.
In addition, the monster that appears to be a crocodile that has become a giant zombie under the influence of the T virus can be seen shortly.

The work is the most recent period among Leon’s work set in 2015.
Since his first appearance in Biohazard Re: 2, set in Raccoon City in 1998, Leon appeared in RE: 4 as an agent in RE: 4 and later appeared in various CG works and games.


Starting with the Diction in 2005, Leon’s story was followed by Infinite Darkness, Dam Nation, Biohazard 6, and Vendetta.

As Biohazard Vendetta, which was released in 2017, was set in 2014, Death Island is dealing with a year after Vendetta.

Meanwhile, this work is reported to be produced by the core staff of Infinity, which was released in the 2021 Netflix series.
Hasura Richard, who was in charge of his previous work, predicted the expansion of the scale for the film.
Fulani Dakota, who was in charge of the script of the Biohazard film since Vendetta, said he was a fan of the original and said he was happy to return to the world where B.O.W. exists.

The biohazard franchise, which has been in a recession for a while, has been highly hit by seven pieces, and since then, two remakes of RE: 2 and 8 have been highly regarded.
But Paul W.S.

Resident Evil: Raccoon City, Netflix Drama Biohazard: The series, which dealt with new stories since Anderson’s film, was regretted.
The darkness of the Netflix series, which was produced by CG, was successful in the top 10 in many countries, including Korea, but the work itself was not good.
It is also interesting to see whether Death Island can appease the regret of the Biohazard Media Mix.