Minecraft’s players continue to surprise year after year with increasingly amazing creations.
In early 2023 a YouTuber added his work to the list of monumental works in the game, recreating the first game in The Legend of Zelda franchise.
But it doesn’t stop by them nostalgic can play this recreation within Moving’s title… Well, almost that.

Zelda in Minecraft is real

We no longer need to present the famous The Legend of Zelda franchise, which over the years has been consolidated as one of Nintendo’s consoles differentials since 1986. Proof of this is that one of the highest expectations of players this year 2023 is no otherwise the sequel.
By eath of the Wild, titled Tears of the Kingdom -that received a new gameplay trailer in the last edition of Nintendo Direct.
It is from this very simple observation, coupled with the fact that few representations of the franchise in Minecraft have been made, that the YouTuber C1ous3R set out to recreate in Moving Studios’ game the very first version of The Legend of Zelda, the one that launched the foundations for
The NEW series in 1986.
As he likes to challenge herself, this creator chose not to use any modes or package of textures.
Of course, this has caused him many problems, an adventure he tells of his video on the subject.


But the project worked, he got this feat a bit crazy after three weeks of work and recreation is so faithful that it is hard to believe that it is really in Minecraft.

Play Zelda at Minecraft?

It will be possible!
Just for the record, this YouTuber is not in its first attempt, as it has already offered its version of Sonic The Hedgehog (1991) and also from Super Mario os (1985) in Minecraft.

Both are playable, and the links are available in the description of the videos dedicated to each of these particularly notable creations,
Sonic The Hedgehog
Super Mario os.
Unfortunately, in order to be able to play the first The Legend of Zelda at Minecraft, you will have to be patient.
C1QUS3R actually announced that the download link of your little jewel will only be available when your video reaches 5,000 likes.
If the idea of incorporating the first version of the link in Minecraft interests you, you know what to do: give it a like in this video.