No, you’re not crazy.
If you played a League of Legends match between Feuary 9 and 10, 2023, you may have been confused when you realize that your basic attacks, or self attacks, were being canceled.
However, it is only from (more) a bug of Mob the Riot Games, which reached the game with update 13.3.
The game community is relatively used to one or more bugs related to specific champions, but self attacks being canceled certainly surprised many people.

Canceled: Is it the end of LOL’s self attacks?

The answer to this question is no, but it is not that simple to be unraveling, as Riot did not explain exactly what the bug caused.
At first, many players were just confused by the case and began trying to decipher why the basic attacks were being canceled.


Many believed that the error happened only when some champion gave a dash, others claim that the problem was to give a very fast attack while the previous one had not yet been finalized.
The bug caught the attention of a series of players and content creators, who quickly spoke out on social networks and forums like Reddit.

On Twitter, former CBOL Nylon’s former pro-player and caster talked about the theme, as well as Titan, Pro Red Can ids Kaunda player.
By 2 am (GMT) this Friday (10), Rioter Derek said the bug had been corrected and was already being investigated.
However, some players were still witnessing this problem in their matches, which made the community apprehensive-effective, people wanted to play.
Finally, YouTuber Mandarin posted a video stating that the problem had finally been corrected.
In the video comments, a series of players laughs and says, I knew I wasn’t going crazy-specially the gunmen.