After years of rumors, Metro id Prime Remastered was not only announced during the Nintendo Direct yesterday, but is already available on the switch.
If the first trailer of this title did not convince you, you will be pleased to hear that a couple of comparisons that show us visual changes in this remastering are already available.
Recently, Game spot, Explain and ElalistaBits shared a series of comparisons between Metro id Prime in Game cube and remastering that is already available on Nintendo Switch, making it clear that visual changes fulfill their work very well.
As we mentioned, Metro id Prime Remastered is now available.
However, you can only find the digital edition in the Shop of the console.

Fortunately, on February 22 a physical version will be on sale, which is priced at $39.99.
In related issues, a new game of the series could be in development.
Similarly, there were plans for a metro id tactics.


Editor’s note:
The game looks very well.
In comparison with other remastering that we have seen in recent years, this work is impressive.
Now, the question is: will we see the other two on switch?
Will they also be remastering or only ports?
We just have to wait.