The latest Street Fighter V world champion will be crowned at Cap com CUO 9, an event that marks the farewell of the competitive scene of the game that will soon be succeeded by Street Fighter 6. With 47 competitors in the dispute and total awards of $300,000, being
$120,000 for the champion, the tournament will be held from Feuary 12 to 19 and will have two azilians in the dispute: Ronaldinho, two-time champion of Cap com Pro Tour azil, and Juninho Ra’s, champion of the K World Warrior circuit finals.

Divided into 8 groups of 6 participants each, Cap com Cup 9 competitors will face all other players of the same key, but only the top 2 in each group advance to the final phase.
Each group’s leaders advance to playoffs for the winners, while the vice-evidence of the Loser’s acket.
MGG azil has prepared a complete competition guide, with participants, regulation and competition dates.


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Group stage

  • 47 divided players (EVE champion, Last Chance Qualifier champion, 19 regional CPT champions and 26 World Warrior Cuts champions)
  • Divided players are divided into 8 groups: 7 groups with 6 participants and 1 group with 5 participants
  • All players in the same group face each other
  • All matches are best from three (MD3)
  • Group leaders and vice-leaders advance to the final phase of Cap com Cup
  • All other players are eliminated


  • Double elimination table
  • All matches are played in the best format of five (MD5)
  • The player who reaches the final for the winners’ key, i.e. unbeaten in playoffs, needs to win just an MD5 series in the great to be champion
  • The player who reaches the final for the posters key must win two MD5 series in the grand final to be champion


  • 12/02 to 13/02-Last Chance Qualifier from Cap com Cup
  • 14/02 to 16/02-Capcom Cup Group Phase
  • 02/17 to 18/02-Stret Fighter League World Championship
  • 19/02-Playoffs from Cap com Cup

A group

Group B

Group C

Group D

Group E

Group F

Group G

Group H

Playoffs (clashes to define)


  • 1st place-$ 120 thousand
  • 2nd place-$ 50 thousand
  • 3rd place-$ 20 thousand
  • 4th place-$ 10,000
  • 5th/6th place-$ 7 thousand
  • 7th/8th place-$ 5,000
  • 9th/12th place-$ 4,000
  • 13th/16th place-$ 3 thousand
  • 17th/48th place-$ 1,500



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  • RyoRanfgc-Youtube


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  • Cap com Fighters-Youtube