Hogwarts Legacy does not give his wizard only the possibility of flying a oom, but also in magical creatures such as hypocrites and gestation (if he has acquired the deluxe or collector versions).
However, one of the main quests called The High Guard must be completed, along with NASA OAI, freeing the haughty hypocrisy from the hands of dark witch.
Understand how to complete it to finally be able to fly when you want.


  • Find Natty near Carlton Castle (will be marked on the map, as it is one of the quests of the main story)
  • Natty will be stuck, and you will need to find another route
    This is one of the missions that were shown in trailers.
    You will see dark wizards attacking Hippogrifo wing haughty and will rescue it.
    From here some players may have some difficulty with some puzzles.


  • Advances the idge and enter a loophole on the right side
  • Climb in the rubble
  • Scale two walls throws
  • If you use repay you will realize that there is a mechanism and a box on the left
  • Use repulsion to rotate the mechanism
  • Use Wingardium Levies to take the box to the right wall
  • Use devious to make the box float and can climb

enter the guardhouse

  • After school the box with levies you will walk and find a grid and a box (use levies)
  • Use deals to overthrow the grid
  • Go on the right until you find a hole in the wall
  • Use Action or Wingardium Levies to take the box off the way
  • Return to the grid site and enter the guardhouse (it is not possible to use spells when the wizard is crouching)

Open the gate

  • Use repulsive three times in the mechanism
  • In the central and upper part of the gate a handle will appear
  • Use ACCIO to pull it
  • The gate will crash and Natty will enter

Go to the roof

  • Go up the right way
  • You will see a box
  • Use levies Wingardium and push it to the right
  • Go down the stairs
  • Leave the box between the oken stairs and the wall
  • Use devious to be able to reach with a jump and climb
  • From here there will be no more puzzles, but many enemies will be on the way

Unlocking flying mounts

You will find two hypocrites stuck when you reach the roof.


He will ride a haughty wing that already knows him while the other will fly alone.
Natty will come the same time, and you will fly in an exciting scene until the outskirts of Hogwarts.
After this mission the two hypocrites will be available for flight.
You can exchange mounts to equipment.
To fly just open the potions menu and press the corresponding button (Triangle on PS5 and Y on Xbox Series X | s).