The Cap com star franchise today is Resident Evil, which has gradually renewed with some remakes that began with the second title and in a few weeks the recreation of the four arrives.
And while some titles were forgotten, it seems that there are still planned updates for certain releases for years.
It has just been confirmed on the Steam platform that Resident Evil 5 is receiving a new update, this after a long time ago to have officially launched in console stores and the PC itself.
It is worth mentioning, they are not great changes to implement, but it is striking that they decided to do this.
These are the notes of the update:

-Compatibility with games for Windows Live was eliminated.

-will admit the local screen cooperative divided.


-Some other corrections of minor errors.
The minor detail of this update is clearly error corrections.
From there is also the detail of removing compatibility with Windows Live games.
However, the strangest thing is to add the possibility of playing on a divided screen, since it is a characteristic that is not implemented for users who want to play PC.
Remember that you can also play the title on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.
Via: Comic book
Editor’s note: It is certainly a bit weird that this type of updates arrive out of nowhere, this also recently with the PS3 console.
However, it is something that should not bother the least.