Virginia is a three-legged lady that you fulfill in the forest and with whom you will make pals.


When you initially meet Virginia, she is worn a white swimwear, which is a lot more than normal, yet some players might desire her to become something else.
Do not worry;
You have three outfits Children of Forest Virginia that you can offer her.
This leadership will assist you discover all 3 attires that are presently readily available in the sons of the forest, and how to make Virginia put them on.

where to find the garments Kids of the Woodland Virginia

In total amount, Virginia has three clothing offered for equipment, and also all of them are concealed throughout the island.
Below are all the widely known storage areas of all the clothing of Virginia in the Kid of the Forest.

The place of the outfit

Yes, the very first outfit is a dress.
The outfit was located in the north area of the island.
Most likely to the place displayed in the photo and also get in the collapse the northwest edge of the card.
The cave causes the below ground complicated, where you will certainly discover Virginia’s dress.
You likewise need to get a VIP card to obtain an outfit.
Inside the object, adhere to the path via the web server areas.
At the end of the method, transform right into the hallway to the left of you and also adhere to the path through the flooded area.
When you make your way with the flooded area, go across the swamped server spaces, and after that look left when you cross the swamped corridor to the computer system room where you can discover a VIP card.
Having gotten the key card, follow the passage to the double door, which is opened by the VIP card.
Among the 3 attires in the Boy of the Woodland is a gown nicely folded up on the couch in the VIP-dining room.

area of a camouflage outfit

The camouflage fit is outdoors.
Most likely to where you begin the game customarily.
The helicopter is broken on the beach if you do not understand where it is, comply with the map higher on the coastline.
You simply run along the beach from the beginning location up until you discover the canoe tossed to the coast.
Inside the canoe, you can take a camouflage suit for Virginia.

Area of a sports outfit

You can locate the Suit for Virginia track in the Sons of the Woodland gym.
The health club is located inside the shelter, which you can discover in the north-eastern component of the card, as well as it is quite close to the shelter in which the gown lies.
Inside the cavern, adhere to the means up until you get to the computer system space.
From here turn left as well as go till you reach the fork.
From right here, turn best and enter the room, opening it using the key card of solution.
The door leads right to the health club.
Inside the gym, look to the left near the purple wall as well as look the devices space to locate a tracksuit.

How to alter clothing Virginia

Now that we have three outfits, we require knowing how to make it change.
Before you begin hanging her outfits, you require making buddies with Virginia.
In short, you need to come close to Virginia without tools.
She will certainly run away, yet proceed to attempt to get closer.
Quickly Virginia herself will involve you with little gifts.

After that, she will begin to follow you, as well as after that you can openly interact with her.
As quickly as you get comfy, go to Virginia as well as click E Open your inventor.
Here you can move the attire that you have for Virginia to her stock.
Whatever clothes you place in the stock of Virginia, she will wear it.
Therefore, you can place in its supply just one outfit at a time.
You can likewise put the GPS-Locator in its stock to follow it.