The period of Replications for the VCT Game Changers azil Collection 1, Inclusive Valiant Championship that occurs in several regions, ended this Monday (06).


Thus, all teams that will certainly take part in the closed phase have already been defined.
Team Fluid, which was reformulated for the 2023 competitive season, dominated the 3 qualifiers, initially three times in a row.

The 8 teams that will take part in the initial nationwide stage, which will take place at Trouble Games studios from March 21 to 28, are:
The tournament has an overall reward of $100,000.
This is the first national occasion of a circuit that will finish worldwide tournament vct Video game Changers Champion, without specific day to occur.
Thought about the globe competition of the fps inclusive scenario, the Game Changers Champion will certainly combine the groups that have completed the most points in their particular leagues throughout the year.
Look into the points necessary for the teams to be able to get the Championship: