The new Genshin Impact the update includes a lot of new content, including the new 5-star character, Delay.


As is tradition, you must ascend Delay to her maximum level to unlock her potential.
However, once you reach level 40, you will need a special ascension material called Light Guiding Tetrahedron to even more ascend to the character.
However, not many players know this material, since it is used to improve only some characters.
Therefore, here is how Farmers Tetrahedron Light Guide in Genshin Impact.

How do you grow the tetrahedron Light Guide in Genshin Impact?

The light guide tetrahedron can be achieved by defeating the field leader, semi-intensitory matrix algorithm of Overseer Network.
The enemy was introduced to version 3.1 and the monster can be found in the delusion dune, specifically in the southern part of the Summer desert.
We have marked the exact location in the image below for convenience.
Image Source: Hoovers through
Defeating the boss can be easy with the appropriate composition and strategy of the team.
The team must be formed by at least one Pedro character for damage bonus, Lisa for the electron element and to hit the nucleus for achievement, Shang Ling for Pro and DPS resonance, and meaning for fast attacks.
The strategy implies dodging the attacks of the Matrix Algorithm going behind him, keeping the drones away and avoiding the lasers moving away from the line of vision.
After that, use Lisa’s electron skill on the pillar to stun the Matrix algorithm for a long time.

Image Source: Hoovers through
Finally, destroy the triangles with xi angling and hits the nucleus in the middle with Lisa to achieve achievement.
If you have problems reaching the center, walk directly to him and attack it.
With this composition and team strategy, you can easily defeat the Matrix algorithm in Genshin Impact.
To ascend Delay to its maximum level, you will need 46 tetrahedral light guides.
Therefore, be sure to cultivate enough materials by defeating the boss several times.
That is all you need to know about the tetrahedron Light Guide in Genshin Impact.
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