The task of your home is also commemorated in Hogwarts Legacy with the choice of speaking hat.
Naturally, every magician and every witch has their own preference here.
Regardless of whether you match the worth of your home, is a fan of particular characters or choose blue rather of green.
However, how do your houses in fact vary playfully?
Can you be a nasty dirt bag like Draco Malfoy as Slytherin?
How you get the house of your choice and what you need to focus on can be found here:
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Hogwarts Tradition
You have to select the best home

typical rooms and equipment

The greatest distinction in between the four houses is certainly the typical spaces and the robes that you will get over your adventure.
The typical rooms naturally vary enormously.
They are not just developed in various parts of the castle, but also all very adoringly created with their own subject.
Slytherin look directly out of the lake undersea landscape in her dark depressing spaces, while Hufflepuff can relax in a cozy room loaded with plants.
In addition, you will practically constantly get your robes to the picked home.


Do not anticipate to march to class as a Ravenclaw in green snake rams.
There is likewise neutral clothes, but if you do not like orange, Gryffindor is not always the best choice.
Both aspects just remain optically.
There are no missions for common rooms or activities in it and your clothing have no additional functions for picking your home.
A Hufflepuff can likewise discover bathrobes that grant perk damage on crucial, however are then pleased yellow.

discussions with your schoolmates

In numerous quests in which she communicates with other witches and wizards, there are a little different discussion, but they rose to the very same experience.
For instance, there is a longer series of orders around the dark arts that she rejects her together with the Slytherin student Sebastian Sallow.
Here you can likewise learn the unforgivable curses as a Ravenclaw, however as Slytherin, you speak a little more about the history of Slytherin with the dark arts.
In addition, some quest providers provide an additional remark if you come from the same house as you do. However, this does not have any real effects.

prizes and quests

You will see four different successes for the houses if you have already seen Tradition in our prize posts on Hogwarts.
To get this, you have to complete a mission that you finish from Hogwarts Legacy in the first few hours.
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more on the topic
Hogwarts Tradition: Caution, after Azkaban you only come if you make the best decision
This becomes part of the primary story, where you have to get some book pages.
Each of your houses gets the job done here differently, sometimes less incredible similar to Slytherin, where you open a goal with toast, or exciting like visiting Azkaban as a Hufflepuff.
But here to the result is the same.
If you have the book pages, everybody continues at the same point.
The end is also the exact same for everyone.
If you dream of climbing as a new Voldemort, then unfortunately there is nothing out of it as a Slytherin.
Would you have liked more differences in the gameplay, or are you thankful that you can see whatever with a character?