Happy Net introduced the new animation trailer and gameplay information of the new work ‘Little Witch No beta’ developed by Paula Games through the official TGS 2022 official broadcasting program.

Roberta is a 3D action shooting game developed by Taiwan’s indie game developer Puppy Games. It is also a game that shows ‘Beautiful Girl Soul Lake’ in the high difficulty battle and boss battle that is contrary to the cute character. The player must manipulate the witch no beta, which can use various magic, to explore the mystery’s high castle and survive the battle with the enemy.

In the magic used by No beta, there are four attributes: ‘vision’, ‘ice’, ‘flame’, and ‘lightning’, and each magic is used as a single shot to see the immediate effects, or more powerful power through charging It can be used as a ‘young window magic’. Finding the magic style that is right for you and using the magic for each situation will allow you to go through the difficulty of difficulty.

In Roberta, in addition to the magic of attacking enemies from a distance, it is possible to attack melee attacks using a cane. When using magic, MANA is unconditionally consumed. To fill the lack with MANA during the battle, you must approach the enemy and attack the enemy with a cane and activate the ‘horsepower absorption’. Melee attacks using the cane are less than the magic attack, making it more difficult to cope with the enemy’s attack, but it is necessary to be skillful in melee combat to use the magic of powerful power more often.

On this day, the Japanese entertainment, ‘Space Ha ego High ☆ Jews’, which participated as a guest, actually played the game and introduced various features in the game. Guest Go ☆ Jews has achieved a mission to repel the boss Monica within 5 minutes, and a small witch no beta special goods set was given to the viewers as a reward.

Nisei, a Taiwanese publisher of Roberta, who joined the broadcast on the day, plays a demonstration version of a small witch no beta at the TGS Happy Net offline exhibition hall, and he wants to meet the official costume player ‘Gem Louis’ in the booth. I conveyed.


Roberta’s domestic publishing was played by H₂ Interactive. The PS4 and the Nintendo Switch Korean version of ‘Small Witch No beta’ will be officially released on September 29.