Netmarble (Representative Kwon Young, Pojo) said it was announced on the 22nd that it has conducted an update of E-Mart and College in MABLE ‘MABLE’

First, on May 5, the promotional page of the E-Mart application is the “Evolution Randy” to the user who participated in the event to the event to the user who participated in the event, Perform. ‘Randy’ and ‘Orchestra’ have a lot of popularity to users with Shinsegae SSG Landers Mascot and Emart Mall Characters, respectively.

In addition, with this, participating in, when participating in the Marvel Event, we presented ‘Shipping dice acquisition rights’, which can be used in the game, do.

In addition, ‘Marvel of all’ official cafe quiz events, the user who has completed the user and the game of the game, and the use of the game College, and the user who completed the use of the “Skyscap seat (1), Please pay.

In addition, you can move multiple maps and open a new chapter ‘Arena Map’ and a new chapter ‘Arena Map’, which can be excited and unable to spread, I added.

Netmarble joins Kabam what does this mean for Marvel Future Revolution ?
Netmarble will open the diamine that allows you to get a maximum “5,000 diamond” and the “Family Cooperative Performance Prediction” and ‘Grow Cube’, etc. to provide.

‘Marvel of all’ is a familiar game way that rolls the dice and moves the character of the board, and buys the city around the world. It is becoming popular as a variety of fun elements such as exclusive victory and Olympic Games.