Ubi Soft has been known to be late for the hacking crime damage. The incident was also a claim that NVIDIA and Samsung, has been called the crime group hacked.

On March 10 (Local Time), Ubi Soft said, “Last week’s cyber security incident occurred last week, a part of the game, system, and services were disabled.” In other words, the hacking events seemed to have occurred in the first week of March.

In the guide, ubivity was “analyzing the problem with external experts” “” I needed to reset the overall password in the enterprise, “he said.

Fortunately, the user’s personal information was not leaked, and Ubiva said. They said, “There was no approach to player personal information, or the basis that personal information was exposed due to the damage of this incident,” he said.

Ubi Soft did not share information on the subject of hacking. However, March 7, a hacking crime group, who steals a company information that has won Samsung to hack Samsung, has been involved in this case.

Ubisoft says there's been a 'cybersecurity incident' in which Nvidia hackers allegedly attacked

IT specialist more budgets received a report from one user of the telegram channel estimated to run as a lapars, and the ubi soft hacking events also appeared as a rabis.

“In the channel, Labsus in the channel shared the ubi soft hacking case of our media,” I raised a smirking emoji “smirking emoji”, and the incident also raised the possibility of the Labsus. “(According to the report), Labsus also said that it is true that it was true that it is not a fact that the ubi soft user personal information was not hacked.”

Meanwhile, NVIDIA hacking events, on March 1, are also estimated to be the same organization’s forces. At that time, the laps of the Lapswield took more than one terabytes of data, threatening its drivers and chip architectures to the open source to NVIDIA. When Nvidia reveals the refusal doctor, the lapsus gave damage, such as leaking the source code of the Deep Leaving Super Sampling (DLSS) technology.