The version of an early logo of Bios hock 4 and more information about the next part of the series currently circulates on the net.

According to the early logo, the new part could bear the name Bios hock isolation, which would fit the following information.

According to this information originated by the Twitter Account Oops leaks, the new Bios hock plays in a new Dystopic city for the franchise, which is actually divided into two cities with its own ideology.

While in the upper town the rich lives led by an Entrepreneur is located underground an isolated city in the subsoil. There is a dictator saying that leads a vertical war led to the boundaries of both areas.

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In addition, new Bios hock is supposed to pursue an open game world with linear story in which there is only a minimum of backtracking. The speech is also of fractions, immersive and innovative struggles in the sandbox and a changing world.

The team of the responsible developer Cloud Chambers is intended to include previous employees of irrational games that implement the game with the Unreal Engine 5.

An announcement of the game should take place in the first quarter of 2022. The rumor to a PS5 exclusivity should not be correct.