The release of Update 2.6 in Genshin Impact remains in front of the door.
Here you can view a preview video clip for this event, which summarizes the new web content for you.

When will update 2.6? The release is currently tomorrow, on March 30th.
Emphasizes of the update consist of Archonten Quests, which are now continued.

AYATO IS ALMOST PERFECT! C0 Ayato Showcase - Best Build, Teams, Weapons (Genshin Impact)
On top of that, Ayato Kamisato enters into play as a new personality, including its very own story quests.
In enhancement, the 5-star personalities Venti as well as Ayaka Kamisato get a RERUN.
Update 2.6 induces top of that the new location “huge void”, with brand-new challengers and also a brand-new boss.

There are also 2 new artifact collections, a new weapon for Ayato Kamisato as well as brand brand-new as well as widely known events.
Genshin Impact: Whatever to Spot 2.6 – Leakages, Release, Banner, Personalities