It is the year 2008 , you arrive home after school/insti and you find a new video of Loquendo criticism , a voice robot that although at first its main objective was to help the Blind people to know what they were seeing on the screen or to the paraplegics to speak, ended up becoming a gold mine for Internet users with Jorge, the main voice of the application, which became a speaker of All the good and bad that the networks have given.

From Mysteries of GTA San Andreas to Hands the voices of different influencers and video game characters.

Fakeyou, the website in the form of AI that gives voice to different celebrities

Fakeyou is a website created by a user called Echelon , from Atlanta, who uses an artificial intelligence to create a composition of phrase words with different characters, celebrities and even cartoons. This is because a conjunction of Internet users decided to create this website so that, as with the famous Deepfakes, we cancreate different contents following simple open codes. *

This is how the page itself tells:People will get used to Technology and results will be used mainly for the creative good , releasing high production values before and unattainable for the creators of smaller content. We believe that the next ‘Hollywood’ will be you. _In addition, they comment that almost all voices come from the same person but with different levels of tone:most voices, if not all, produced by this website are actually beautiful Johnson with a few layers on top.

That said, you will see several examples below with several content creators, as well as different characters from famous video games such as Nathan Drake.

Auron congratulates you or sonic insults you, everything is possible with fakeyou

As you can see in the video just above us, This artificial intelligence is capable of emulating an immense amount of voices well recognized by all , such as Auronplay, Alexelcapo, Nathan Drake or even the very glados. Obviously, These voices are not yet perfect , since they still have to pronounce the ñ or the / c / and the semantics do not carry it very well.

With the exception of the aforementioned, this kind of voice modulator through AI is one of the most useful and creative tools that we have found this year , becoming the chicken of the golden eggs for many of us and a new way to create content. Of course, if any person present on the web sees that they are using his voice to send hate messages, he can ask the page to eliminate his voice as soon as possible.