This Thursday (27) begins the dispute of the playoffs of Wild Circuit : Game Changers, the first official Wild Rift women’s competition organized by Riot Games. Eight teams are in the dispute and have reached the knockout phase through two qualifiers: Goddess Cup and Raven. It is worth remembering that the grand final will be played on November 11, in person in São Paulo, and that the tournament has a prize of R $80 thousand.

This is a very important initiative and expected by the female scenario as a whole, which welcomes cis, trans, transvestites and non-binary people. Thus, this part of the community can accumulate competitive experience in a safe scenario and gain autonomy so that in the future it can also compete in mixed tournaments.

Times-Wild Circuit: Game Changers


Wednesdays (MD3)


  • 17h-minine x sapphire
  • 18h30-Flamingo Wix x Intense Game


  • 17h-xis x Pink Venom
  • 18h30-tbk x ruby

Semifinals (MD5)


  • 19h30-Times will still be defined



  • 17h-Times will still be defined

Grande Final (Md7)


  • 13h-Times will still be defined


The tournament playoffs, which take place from 5 pm, and the grand final, at 1 pm, will be officially oadcast on Wild Tour azil channels on Twitch, YouTube and TikTok.


  • 1st-R $27 thousand
  • 2º-R $17 thousand
  • 3º-R $10,000
  • 4th-R $10,000
  • 5th to 8th R $4 thousand