Horizon Forbidden West is the continuation of the successful Sci-Fi-action role-playing game Horizon Zero Dawn by Guerrilla Games. We think that it is a breathtaking sequel and give it a big fat 9/10 in our Horizon Forbidden West PS5 Test . If you still play the first game before you start the continuation, we have a full Horizon Zero Dawn Guide for you via the link.

In this Horizon Forbidden West Guide , we guide you through everything the game has to offer. This includes where to find all collectibles including Vista points , reliktruins , ornaments , Surveying drones , black boxes and * Signal lenses * .

This is only the beginning – this guide also goes on where you can find them all boilers , shelters and sunken caves . We will give you the facts about the game best skills and outfits , all trophies and how to get platinum and How to reach all Tallnecks . In addition, we also have some Horizon Forbidden West – Complete solution pages that describe missions and quests in detail so you do not miss anything.

Although we have tried to limit spoilers to a minimum, please note that you may find some light spoiler throughout the guide.

Note: This guide is in work , as well as many of the associated pages. Please keep track of while making progress in Horizon Forbidden West, because we will update this guide over time with more information.

Horizon Forbidden West Guide: All collectibles

Horizon Forbidden West has 49 Collectibles to find in his open world. These are tracked in the menu of the game. Press the TouchPad and R1 to switch to Notebook with the tab key, and then select Collectables to display all previously collected objects. In this part of our Horizon Forbidden West Guide you will find instructions that all these collectors are and where you can find them.

All locations of collectibles

  • Horizon prohibited west: All ornaments locations
  • Horizon prohibited west: All Vista Points locations
  • Horizon prohibited west: All black box locations

Horizon Forbidden West | Ultimate Beginner's Guide - Tips & Tricks
* Horizon prohibited west: All locations of signal lenses
* Horizon prohibited west: All locations of war totems
* Horizon prohibited west: All surveying drone locations

Horizon Forbidden West Guide: Outfits, Skills and Character Development

In this section of our Horizon Forbidden West Guide , we will pass the outfits, skills and other topics related to the character development of the game. During the game, you can equip Aloy with various arms sets, weapons and skills that all affect your statistics and their way of playing.

  • Outfits are mainly found by talks ** in the different settlements and cities of the game. These dealers sell the most outfits of the game, and each has unique strengths, weaknesses and advantages that extend Aloy’s skills.
  • Skills can be found in the Skills menu that you find by pressing the touchpad and then L1. In 6 capability trees, you can invest capacity points to unlock numerous abilities for Aloy and improve all your skills and weapons.
  • Batch waves can also be found in the abovementioned capability trees. These are special skills that aLOY lend powerful new moves that can save your skin in the heat of a battle. There are a total of 12 Valor Surges, and everyone can be updated twice after unlocking. You can only equip a Valor Surge at once.

Character development

Below we have put together pages that go through each of the above points and inform them about all their options and some advice for use.

  • Horizon prohibited west: All outfits, armor and the best outfits to use
  • Horizon prohibited west: All skills and best skills to learn
  • Horizon prohibited west: All Valor Surges and the best to use

Horizon Forbidden West Guide: Walkthrough and Quest Guide

In this section of our Horizon Forbidden West Guide , we have a breakdown of all quests in the game. These include main quests, side quests, errands and much more. Each page leads you through what you can expect from each quest gives you information about what you will do which rewards you get for whose graduation and much more. If you are looking for a complete solution for Horizon Forbidden West, you are exactly right here.

  • Horizon prohibited west: All main quests
  • Horizon prohibited west: All intermediate games
  • Horizon prohibited west: All side quests
  • Horizon prohibited west: All errands
  • Horizon prohibited west: All mining contracts
  • Horizon prohibited west: All hunting areas
  • Horizon prohibited west: All melee pits
  • Horizon prohibited west: All Arena Challenges
  • Horizon prohibited west: All rebel camps
  • Horizon prohibited west: All outposts of rebels
  • Horizon prohibited west: All relic truins
  • Horizon prohibited west: all boilers
  • Horizon prohibited west: All Gauntlet Runs

Horizon Forbidden West Guide: Checklists, Trophies, Help, FAQs and more

In this part of our Horizon Forbidden West Guide , we have a selection of other pages with more information about the game. These include trophies, collectibles, frequently asked questions and some general tips and tricks for new players.


  • Horizon Forbidden West: All PS5, PS4 trophies and how to get platinum


Machine Strike is a strategic board game that you can play in certain settlements in Horizon Forbidden West. A complete breakdown of this mini-game as well as information about where you can find all the game figures can be found in our guide:

  • Horizon Forbidden West: Machine Strike – All parts and game instructions


  • Horizon prohibited west: All quests
  • Horizon prohibited west: All locations of collectibles
  • Horizon prohibited west: All relic truins and how to dissolve them
  • Horizon prohibited west: How to reach and overwrites all Tallnecks
  • Horizon prohibited west: All boiler locations and rewards
  • Horizon prohibited west Machines: All enemies, strengths, weaknesses and exercises
  • Horizon prohibited west: All Shelter locations


  • Horizon prohibited west: Where to find green gloss crystals
  • Horizon prohibited west: All facial colors and how to use them
  • Horizon prohibited west: What are blocked paths?
  • Horizon prohibited west: How to pass by the fire gloss
  • Horizon prohibited west: How to get past metal flowers
  • Horizon prohibited west: How to get XP and pushes up quickly
  • Horizon prohibited west: How to activate the motion control

Frequently asked Questions

  • Horizon prohibited west: How long does it take to beat?
  • Horizon prohibited west: How many quests are there?
  • Horizon prohibited west: There is a level cap?
  • Horizon prohibited west: What difficulty should you choose?
  • Horizon prohibited west: Does it have a new game +?
  • Horizon prohibited west: How to remove headgear?
  • Horizon prohibited west: Can you romantize someone?
  • Horizon prohibited west: How to fly
  • Horizon prohibited west: Does it have multiplayer?
  • Horizon prohibited west: is it good for PS4?


  • Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete summary of history
  • Horizon prohibited west: Complete occupation list
  • Horizon prohibited west FAQ – all your questions answered

Horizon Forbidden West: Tips and Tricks for Beginners

If you are starting with the game, this section of our Horizon Forbidden West Guide is for you. Below are some Horizon Forbidden West Tips and Tricks This will help you in the initial phase.

Find out about the traditions

Horizon Forbidden West attacks the story after the events of Horizon Zero Dawn, the first game of the series. If you have played it, you should hopefully remember the complex, multi-layered narrative that forms the heart of these games. We strongly recommend that you play the first game before tackling Forbidden West. However, if you can not play Zero Dawn – or maybe it’s only a while – we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the plot. There is much to unpack if you want to understand Aloy’s journey.

Fortunately, we have a comprehensive guide that enumers the most important events of the Horizon Timeline:

  • Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete summary of history

Again, there is so much, which is established in this first game, and although Horizon Forbidden West offers a very fast brief before the start of the game, this may not be quite enough, especially if you are a brand new player. The above guideline should give you a much better understanding of what happens in this fascinating environment.

Collect everything and plunder

In Horizon Forbidden West there are resources everywhere, and they are basically all of them. This is because all the materials you find will be for something good, be it for the production of useful traps and potions or the purchase of new equipment of dealers. Even very widespread resources such as Medicinal Skybrush and Ridge-Wood are worth taking to be taken if they are on the way where they want to tumble. In fact, these two objects allow for quick healing or manufacturing arrows, so they are probably some of their most important pick-ups.

You should not only get used to picking up things naturally in the world. There are also hundreds of chests scattered on the map, and if you see one, you should definitely loot them for everything you have. The same applies to all machines or people who kill them; Plunner your bodies after potentially very valuable materials.

Your best friend will be a quick press of R3. This sends a “ping” of aloys focus device, highlighting objects that you can cancel in the environment. Oh, and although Aloy has a personal wear of a personal comment, do not worry – all excess stuff that you acquire are automatically sent to your hiding place, which you can access from any shelter or settlement in the game. There is no excuse – pick up everything.

You can make more ammunition in no time

Since most of the struggle is held with projectile weapons such as arches and skidges, ammo reserves in Horizon Forbidden West are very important – especially early, if they can not carry much of everything. Fortunately, you can always produce more arrows, bombs and bolts, provided you have the resources required.

Open the weapon wheel by holding down L1. Mark the required ammunition and then keep X pressed to make more. By the way, this goes hand in hand with the above tip; The frequent collecting resources should mean that they can produce most of their ammunition without having to worry that the materials go out to…