Devil’s fruit – magical weapon in Roblox. Bloodstock fruits that make huge damage to enemies and bosses. Total in the game 23 devil fetus. Each devilish fruit has a different natural strength and has unique sets of movements associated with this element, sometimes two sets of movements depending on the fetus.

General information

how to get a devilish fruit

  • Blox fruit seller:
    • This NPC sells all the devil fruits for Beli (in-game currency) or ROBUX. If the devilish fruit was purchased for Robux, he will remain in the player’s inventory. But, if the devilish fruit was bought for her, it will be replaced when buying a new devil fetus.
    • Places:
      • Pirate Start Island, Marine Starting Island, Middle Town, Docks Dress Rose (Sevea Sea), Cafe (Sea)
    • Stock:
      • The devilish fruits change stocks in the inventory of the Blox fruit merchant every four hours. The dealer will not have all the fruits immediately, but the player can buy any of the 23 fruits with Robux at any time.
  • cousin dealer BLOX FRUITS:
    • This NPC will give a random fruit to the player in exchange for Belly.
    • Places:
      • Cafe (second sea), jungle
  • Factory raid:
    • A player who will cause the most damage during Factory Raid, will receive a devilish fruit.
  • random drops:
    • Devil fruits can be accidentally found in the old and new light. Most often they spawn under the trees.

What are types?

There are three types of devilish fruits, each with its rareholds and abilities.

Guess The Random DEVIL FRUIT To WIN Any PERMANENT FRUIT! In Blox Fruits (Roblox)
* Parameition (Natural): most often, often without passive ability
* Logia (elemental): The devilish fruit has a passive ability.
* Zoang (mythological): turns the player in the beast or animal

What are the levels of abilities?

The levels of abilities, also known as skill levels, are noted when the new ability of the devil fetus opens. Each devilish fruit contains a set of techniques, and each ability opens at a certain level of skill. The player must often use the devilish fruit to gain experience. The skill level does not depend on the player level.

List of all devilish fruits

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