While Spider-Man: No Way Home is currently running successfully in the cinema, the Cosplay Community is allowed to look forward to Reddit on a new project of user Molina, which in the costume a popular heroine from the Spider-Man Universe is hatched.

Cosplay of Spider-Gwen has a special twist

Fans get a special variant of Spider-Gwen to see the evil side of Gwen Stacy in the form of Venom slowly takes control. The photo at Reddit shows Molina in the well-known white suit of the superhero — including the first traces of Genome. Even with the make-up, the cosplayer has adapted to the costume. She has not chosen a matching background. However, Molina wanted to present the community only her outfit with a selfie.


Gwen om was already a topic in the Marvel Universe

Little surprising is Gwen om a mix of Spider-Gwen and Venom — of course already in the comic universe of Marvel surfaced. In the year 2017 celebrated the figure in Spider-Gwen (Vol. 2) 25 your debut. Gwen Stacy opens the dark side when Rhino seriously injured her father on behalf of Kingpin.

In the film world of Marvel, both figures currently — in and outside the MCU — their appearance. So we got Venom (played by Tom Hardy ) to see in two single films. Gwen Stacy is currently at Spider-Man: Into the Spider Verses. Long ago, Gwen Stacy was embodied in the films of The Amazing Spider-Man from Emma Stone.

Many more Cosplay of Molina

Only three months ago we reported on a project of Molina. At that time, the cosplayer is hatched into the outfit of Giovanna from Guilty Gear: Strive. On the Instagram profile — where it occurs as Caytiecosplay — are also numerous more pictures of different outfits. Among them 2b of Near Automata, Chung from Street Fighter or Civil from League of Legends.

From Dominik Wingman
03.01.2022 at 15:55



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