The del club is at the heart of the permission to allow more viewers in the Lanxess Arena. “We consider it absolutely justifiable to make much more fans in the arena,” said Haie Managing Director Philipp Walter. Currently, 4000 spectators are allowed, which equals a capacity utilization of 21 percent.

“The prerequisites in the largest ice hockey arena in Europe with a ventilation, which makes a shark home game comparable to an open-air event, all our proven and proven successfully successful measures, the demonstrably high willingness and discipline of our fans and the development of the last Weeks, which does not expect an overload of the health system, bring us to check the regulation, “said Walter.

Gotta Hear It: Sharks fans chant “We want eight!” in rout over Oilers

With a view to the table, the Cologne could certainly use more support of your own fans, but currently prove with 56 points from 42 playing place ten of the table. He would rich just to participate in the pre-play-offs, but the Augsburg panther is not far away. Although the Bavarian Swabia have eight points behind, but also four games less denied.