Developer Tag of Joy and Publisher Thunderful/Headup have released the mystery solving adventure “CROWNS and PAWNS: Kingdom of Deceit” for PCs.

This work is a woman Milda who has inherited her house in Lithuania from her grandfather is the hero’s point and click mystery solving adventure game. Milda, who flew to Lithuania, began to step into the extraordinary world, starting with her mysterious person was threatened to abandon her heritage. Relying on her old documents found at her grandfather’s house, she investigates the legends of the Lithuania era, and follows the conspiracy left by the Soviet National Security Commission (KGB) during the Soviet era.

While she’s investigating her, I’m going to solve a wide variety of mysteries, from classic points and click puzzles to difficult questions that are questioned logical thinking. Some say that changing her clothes and hairstyles is the key to breaking through. In addition, conversation in English voice is full voice compatible. By interacting with unique characters, you can enjoy the world that changes by decisions.

Crowns and Pawns: Kingdom of Deceit - Launch Trailer

“CROWNS AND PAWNS: Kingdom of Deceit” is on sale on PC (Steam/Gog/Epic Games Store) for $ 2050/19.99. To commemorate the release, a limited -time sale is being held for 10 % off $ 1,845/17.99.