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Author: chris714

FC Bayern: Resurgence quickly? Is the stand at Leroy Sane

Two weeks earlier, Seine relocated a little muscular tissue fiber tear in the left, back upper leg. Ever since, the wing racer has been missing Bayern in 4 affordable games. Prior to his injury, the offensive player remained in excellent kind.

The 26-year-old skilled once more on Sunday in Munich in the public unity of the German record champ on the day after 6-2 versus Mainz for the very first time with the team.

Perhaps Seine will certainly reappear in the Allianz Sector on Tuesday (9 p.m.) in the last Champions League team game against Inter Milan.

National player Leroy Sané is simply 2 weeks after a muscular tissue injury prior to a fast resurgence at Bayern.

Breaker for FC Bayern regulars

Bavaria are currently en masse champion in the premier class, and Inter likewise has 2nd place in period C as well as is likewise in the round of 16.

Radio Mane as well as Eric Motto Choupo-Moting have just recently played a lot. She also could spare Nagelsmann for the staying three Bundesliga games in front of the World Mug.

Defense coworker Day Upamecano likewise complained concerning hefty legs according to the numerous missions in the previous couple of weeks.

The initial candidate for a break is main defender Matthias de Ligt, who needed to go out versus Mainz at the break as a result of muscle troubles. After the video game, Nagelsmann spoke of a safety measure at the Dutch.

After the residence win against Mainz, coach Julian Nagelsmann introduced that he wanted to alter some positions versus Inter. Yet there will possibly be no seven players that we revolve, said Nagelsmann.

An artificial intelligence imagines the end of the world and the result is as overwhelming as Creepy

If we were talking about artificial intelligence, certain images would probably come naturally to the mind, more or less autonomous machines for example, or terminator for the most catastrophic. However, the so-called artificial intelligence is capable of many things beyond what is only the result of distant fantasies for the moment, and Tiktokeurs have demonstrated in recent months through image generators created by artificial intelligences, among them one called Midjourney. And the results are usually quite scary.

  • Official discord dedicated to Midjourney

last selfies before the end of the world

It was in Discord dedicated to Midjourney that a user chose to represent one of the most feared events by human beings for a long time, probably their own origins: the end of the world. To do this, he asked him to draw how the latest selfies taken as the world we know is being faded.

The result is at least disturbing and, in the worst case, terrifying according to individuals. Naturally, we see a human being in the foreground, the principle of selfie, but we notice quite easily that something is not well in the first shot. The crowd behind this seemingly happy being seems to be fleeing something or someone.

When paying more attention to these drawings, we notice that these three selfies would have been taken by the same person in the same place but with a few minutes apart. Thus, if in the first drawing we see an appearance of happiness despite the obvious flight of a crowd gathered due to an important a priori event, while the character of the foreground seems disconnected from reality to the point of offering a Little selfie, the following two images are much less auspicious. This first false shot also seems to represent ironically the absurdity of human behavior in certain extreme situations, having fun and trying at all costs of creating the moment without really being aware of what is happening.

The second image, in the center, seems to represent this crowd during the Apocalypse itself. Naturally, the enthusiasm shown by the alleged protagonist has vanished from his face and everything around him seems to have reduced to ashes. He included by the way. A thick black smoke emerges in the background, and the crowd that we already imagined panic in the first shot has given way to a tide of demacred beings in perdition. Despair and misunderstanding are notorious in this image, much more than in the previous one… but also in the next!

The third and last selfie seems to portray the situation just after the Apocalypse (whose origin we also do not know, although we can imagine it quite easily). If the euphoria of the first drawing has not returned and although we understand that the protagonist and the crowd of which he was part of are all dead, this shot seems to testify to the state in which all these are found. Beings: its end was inevitable, they were spectators of the end of the world and take us as witnesses of it through these selfies. However, one thing seems obvious: they are appeased, the worst is left behind… Forever.

Ansiogenic trend of a harmless tool

Although particularly disturbing, this type of drawing really has little concrete meaning. This artificial intelligence generates images thanks to the knowledge that has accumulated through various means, in particular and probably what we find on the Internet for example. The problem is that the mere fact of placing the words artificial intelligence somewhere is enough to give the reader or the spectator the feeling that an appearance of divinity has pronounced sacred words whose veracity is proven and indisputable. It is in any case the feeling that one has when reads the comments of Internet users in response to this type of requests.

However, it is not so: these artificial intelligences, which can be exploited shortly for more or less disturbing purposes, are only inspired by the knowledge acquired by human beings according to the internet prism. The end of the world, the meaning of life… issues as vast as unfathomable and for those who (to date) there is no absolute and universal response. Therefore, these should be taken by what they are: generators of particularly successful images and, sometimes, surprising, certainly not for prophecies. They respond to a request according to the hot issues at the time of the application, and it is a safe bet that if the same had been requested even only a few decades before, the result would have been different.

To demonstrate it, we have chosen to offer you some of the drawings that this same artificial intelligence has developed on very different themes based on the terms used for each of these requests.
You have the challenge of considering that Van Gogh and Erdogan were once contemporaries of each other.
Bombay in 200 years
Jardines of the future
Realistic Minecraft
A dinosaur fleeing a huge alien
van Gogh and Rece Tayyip Erdogan
Beautiful hyperrealist alien woman
Angel Gabriel
Finally, if they are nothing more than amazing but not predictive designers, these artificial intelligences can undoubtedly be a good way to rethink our own operational methods.

In the end, do not we have an incredible opportunity to see ourselves as human beings according to our own behavior but from the eyes of an entity outside our own society?

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