A world full of great games that sell real graphics that can be seen with reality, such as Batro, FPS, and open worlds. That’s why many people feel nostalgic in the memorable and warm games that they have been familiar with.

This time, we will actually play the introduction of the PS2 simulation RPG La Pusel Hikari’s Legend of Legend based on the Steam transplant version La Pusel Lagunarock to introduce the charm of this work. To go.

What is La Pusell † Lagunarock ?

Approximately 20 years ago, PlayStation 2 edition was released as Legend of La Pusel Hikari, and in 2009, the PSP version developed with numerous new elements is the basis of this work.

It is a simulation RPG with a characteristic system following the rounded and cute design, deformed dot picture, and subsequent Makai Senki Disgaea.

Under the unique worldview and humor , two siblings who are newcomers of the Sisters of the Ripples, La Pusel, are a member of the Saiikai who worships the saint of the light, Pretier and Curotto. A story with laughter and tears will develop around.

Although the protagonist, Pretier, is a young saint, but the sinful Halench nun with a healthy leg and black pantyhose is also a personal highlight, but the writer who has never touched the Makai Senki Disgaea series can enjoy it. I realized that the deep system , the baptism of the time, the fun of convincing , and the unique personality ** of this work is a masterpiece.

The Steam version of this work is fully supported not only for mouse keyboards but also for conventional classical pad operation. In addition to audio and various games, you can select audio from Japanese and English, and the prayer words flowing on the optional screen were completely uncomfortable in both Japanese and English.

Twenty years ago, the young voice actor, who was a young man, is also a named, and as a dubbed author, I am glad that it is a gorgeous appearance that only those who know.

Story with prayer and wish on a cute face

After checking the outline at the opening, which is spoken in the old tale, while driving the pantyhose description of the girls, I immediately enter the main story.

Prie, who was hit by the tragedy of losing her parents as a child, is a girl of her younger brother, Culott, and one of the two major churches, and she is a girl who dreams of becoming a saint of light someday.

Basically, it is basic to form a party with three people with her sister’s Alleet, who has a certain ability as her sister, and to solve the case as a sacred party La Pusel. It is a flow.

The story is roughly divided into episode format, and it branches in detail by the paths that the Priet followed. There are four different endings, such as Special, Good, Normal, and Bad, affecting the rewards for clearing each story, but the story continues even if it ends up unfortunately.

Usually, the light and good exchange between the characters, the darkness that was inserted, was a reasonable gap, and it was a spice that sublimated the story while maintaining the balance between light and darkness. The important conversation part is full voice , so let’s aim for a perfect case solution not only to clear but also to enjoy the performance of talented voice actors.

The human nature of the dark character makes a drama

The soft atmosphere of this work that women and children can enjoy and the sharp story are supported by extremely character . It is a feature of this work that has a combination of the momentum like Kansai’s Dotsuki comics that does not stop when you start running, and the intellectual and sophisticated of the Tokyo entertainer, and seasoned it with manga-like expression. 。

Cylots who struggle with the bustling prisons, the religious and disciplined Aloot, the opposite of the two girls. The easy-to-understand personality and composition omit waste, put the depth of the character into one point, and appeal to the charm from the front.

In addition, the characters in the game are drawn with a relatively long pixel art, and the abundant frame is realized with a smooth animation **. It is my impression that the frame rate is likely to be 120… but it has been built to the shadow of the hair, including blinking, breathing, several directions and poses.

There is also a difference in the face image displayed in the window, and this work has the degree of perfection that is not as good as the 3D work that had already developed at the time while maintaining a traditional RPG style.

Chain battle that weakens the enemy and strengthens

The reason why this work is said to be the founder of Makai Senki Disgaea is a battle system that looks forward to the interaction, such as level 9999 and thousands of units of Kanst damage.

It sounds difficult, but in my play time, level 6 was the limit, but on the first lap, the opponent was as strong. Although the amount of information is large as an RPG, the basics of selecting commands and fighting to raise the level, so you can make a strategy while thinking carefully because it is a turn-based.

There are things such as purification and unclean point as a unique system of this work, and under the influence of dark ground like a water flow on a battle map, the situation. Will change in a fluid. By purifying the unclean points that generate it, it can damage the enemy in the local area, and in the case of allies, you can re-act. If you chain, you will perform more actions within the turn and proceed with the battle.

Furthermore, the purification command can be performed directly to the monster, and it is possible to be a friend by being patiently stacked . The more powerful enemies, the larger the return, the greater the more you are, the more you grow up, like the prios, and sometimes you can learn the skills by leveling up.

The monsters are available in the wit of the development team random name in advance, and they will not be able to afford them to be a sword and shield.

In about 5 hours of play, just finished the first episode, and after struggling, the bear ended up. Although it is too dazzling mini skacing, the character’s presence is excellent. There is also a moderate response battle, and although it is an old work, La Pussel Lagunarock was 20 years when drinking .

I had no experience in the Makai Senki Disgaea series, but there was a person who insisted on an old colleague with Disgaea is a god game, and after playing this work, his words are lying. I realize that it was not true.

It is scheduled to be released in Makai Senki Disgaea 7 in 2023, but the best software in Japan, which developed this work, has also released other unique works, and the author is also worried. The number of games is going to be busy.

The Steam version of La Pussel Lagunarock is being distributed since August 31. In addition to the digital artbook of this work, Doll Princess of the Marl Kingdom, various bundles that include multiple works of Japan’s best software are also distributed.

Title: La Pusell † Lagunarock
Compatible model: Model played by the author: PC (Steam)
Release date: August 31, 2022
Author play time at the time of writing: 5 hours
Price: 2,178 yen